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Home Remedies To Prevent Hair Fall

Natural home remedies that will remove the problem of falling hair. Baldness is not just a problem with aging but it can happen to men and women at any age.Many times the hair of the head starts to reduce in such a way that baldness starts appearing at a particular area.After 30 years the hair follicles become smaller and the hair starts becoming thinner and finer due to which they start to fall out.Apart from this another reason is that due to lack of androgen hormone,hair loss also starts,which later turns into baldness.Mental stress can also be a cause of baldness.Taking too much stress affects our hair too much and you begin to go bald soon.However baldness usually begins to come only after 30 years but if you take stress it can also start soon.If you are also troubled by baldness of hair then today we are going to tell you some home remedies here,which you can easily get rid of this problem by adopting it. Massage with aloe vera Aloe vera is very beneficial for hair.It conditionin
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Can Diabetics Use Brown Sugar

Can a person with diabetes consume brown sugar?Can consuming brown sugar be dangerous for diabetics? It has been seen many time that many people live in confusion whether diabetics can take brown sugar or not?Will its intake be beneficial for diabetics or harm?By the way,let us tell you that there is a very slight difference between these two and the nutritional profile of these two is almost equal. What is diabetic footwears? Whether white sugar or brown sugar is made from the common type of plant sugarcane or sugar beet plant.There is a slight difference in the taste of these two while both of them have a high amount of carbs and calories.According to a research one teaspoon of white sugar loaded with 17 calories whereas one teaspoon of brown sugarhas 16 calories,so according to this figure you must have had a little idea.So our opinion from our point of view,if you are a diabetic patient then you should have complete control over your sugar intake,no matter what kind of sugar it is.

Health Benefits Of Mustard Oil

Mustard oil and your health.. Spices and oils found in our home kitchens are like an Ayurvedic thing which has many benefits for your body.Just like mustard oil is also very good and beneficial for our body.It is an easily available oil in the kitchen of Indian homes.Mustard oil is thick and gives a strong taste with pungent smell.It is commonly used in cooking.Today we are going to tell you about some wonderful benefits of mustard oil. With its use, you can drive away many types of diseases. Anti-microbial properties Mustard oil can stop the growth of a particular type of bacteria and is capable of preventing further infection.Therefore it can be used on the body or used indirectly it is beneficial in both cases.It is known as neutralizing the effects of bacteria and is also helpful in stopping its growth in your body. Good for heart Increased blood pressure and cholesterol level than normal may be the reason for unhealthy lifestyle. Despite this mustard oil can also be beneficial for

Natural Remedies For Removing Blackheads

Natural home remedies to get rid of black heads. We all know how difficult it is to get impeccable skin.Black dead is a black spot on your beauty but getting rid of black heads is not so easy.Whatever it is,it is very important to get rid of unblemished skin. You can win your battle with the Black Heads by considering these few natural ways. Use coconut oil with lemon  Coconut oil is always ready to help you in skincare.It is already being used to remove black heads. Coconut oil cleans the dirt accumulated in the pores and you finally get rid of the problem of black heads.Heat the coconut oil in the microwave for two-three minutes.When it cools down add 2 tablespoons of lemon juice.After that apply this solution on the face, especially on the black heads.Leave it on the face for 10 minutes.After that wash face thoroughly with cold water. Pineapple Scrub Pineapple makes it much easier to remove dead skin this is because pineapple contains an element called bromelain.If you also add curd

Many Benefits Of Eating Guava

Apart from being a good source of vitamin C, what are the benefits of guava. The guava known as the winter fruit,carries a wealth of taste as well as health inside it.It is said that after the gooseberry in fruits the highest amount of vitamin C is found in guava.Let us know about the health benefits of this winter fruit Guava. Guava has a soft nature and good for constipation  Its most commonly used in constipation.Regular consumption of guava fruit gives a lot of relief in chronic constipation problem.In case of stomach irritation,the consumption of guava provides coolness. Regular consumption of guava gets rid of intestinal worms.Guava is also very beneficial in terms of purity of blood. Not only guava fruit leaves also have many benefits There is no doubt that the fruit of guava is beneficial but you will be surprised to know that its leaves also bring many benefits.Considerable amounts of vitamin C and anti-oxidants are found in its leaves. This helps to protect the heart from fre

What Is Panic Disorder

Know what is a panic disorder or panic attack,what are its symptoms and how can it be prevented? Getting upset over small things,if there is any small problem then feel very nervous lot of you will feel this sometimes.Panic is natural in any major problem.But behaving on small matter like a big problem it can be due to panic disorder.Panic disorder is a problem in which the victim experiences a danger all the time.While there is no real danger.The patient feels that everyone is cheating on him, no one is his own.This condition is also called panic attack or panic disorder. Panic attack can happen anytime and anywhere.However it is only felt in a state of tension.Due to this disorder a person starts feeling excessively afraid.Such people do not even like to mingle with anyone.Let us know about the symptoms,causes and prevention of panic disorder. Symptoms that indicate a panic disorder Do not talk to anyone Live in fear all the time Feel the danger all the time Get upse

Know How Papaya Helps In Your Weight Loss

Know how papaya helps you to lose weight in a very effective way. Papaya is a favorite fruit of many people throughout the year.This not only improves digestion but also gives you a bright and glowing skin.Your body gets medical benefits from papaya,the magic enzyme present in papaya.It has anti-oxidants,whose diuretic nature.Papaya has high fiber and calories are very low.Apart from all these things,papaya helps in reducing your weight.Read this article and learn how papaya helps you lose weight.Along with losing weight,it is also important to be healthy.  There are lots of diets available in internet and diet books but there are different diets for different body.It is the same with Papaya Diet.The papaya diet is a very restricted diet so not everyone can follow it. However before starting Papaya Diet or any type of diet a doctor should be consulted. Papaya performs detoxification along with burning fat.In papaya diet you have to eat only papaya for two days.This may cause di

Increased Uric Acid Level In The Body?Be Alert

Uric acid is detected when it is too late and due to which our body has to suffer a lot. A major cause of kidney failure is the increased level of uric acid produced in the body.Due to lack of information,people do not understand this problem in time and problems in the body keep increasing.Uric acid is produced in the body when the quantity of a chemical called purine is increased.The main reason for its increase is wrong eating habits. Uric acid gives rise to many diseases.Because when its quantity increases in the body it cannot get out of the kidney.Due to this its quantity starts increasing in the blood,which becomes the cause of many diseases.Some changes occur in the body due to increasing uric acid,it is very important to pay attention to these changes.Excess of uric acid can also cause diseases like heart disease,hypertension,kidney stone and arthritis so keeping uric acid in control is very important. Changes in the body due to increased uric acid level When uric

Does GM Diet Have Side Effects?

Does GM diet have any side effects?then the answer is Yes. GM Diet which we also know as General Motors Diet.Many people start this diet without consulting the dietician,which they have to suffer a lot in future.You must have heard a lot about the 7-day weight loss program,which is called GM DIET.In this plan there are some strict guidelines for every seven meals of the day. This diet does not give much emphasis on exercise and it reduces a lot of things and hence has its disadvantages.In this diet plan,it is emphasized that in a week you should eat some special kind of things,do not even taste the rest.In this way it was claimed to lose weight in a week.In this diet mainly raw fruits and vegetables were allowed to be eaten.The quantity of meat was quite low.Therefore it became famous as vegetarian diet.Let's know about the damage caused by this diet plan. Not for everyone This diet plan forbids eating much,so it is not considered right for pregnant women and growing ch

Eat Watermelon Stay Healthy

Know the benefits of eating watermelon,how watermelon keep your body healthy. Watermelon provides coolness, freshness and energy to the body during the summer season.It contains 92% water which helps a lot in relieving heat.You will be surprised to know about the healthy properties of watermelon.Let us know what they are. Keeps the heart healthy Watermelon contains several bioactive compounds such as an amino acid called citrulline that metabolizes and converts to arginine.Arginine is used in the formation of a compound called nitric oxide which plays an important role in the proper functioning of the heart.It helps to keep the heart healthy by reducing the level of cholesterol in the blood.It also contains high amounts of potassium which reduces the risk of heart disease by controlling hypertension. Helps in weight loss If you are dieting to lose weight, then enjoy the melon openly.Because it contains plenty of fiber along with water,which keeps the stomach saturated for

Uses Late Period Pills?There Can Be Serious Harm To Health

Period delay pills,it can become a serious risk to your health in future. There are many kinds of work in life and you are very busy in your life and due to this busy schedule many times,we do some such things whose sad result we have to suffer later.We are talking about those women's who use different types of medicines to delay their periods without knowing that these medicines are having such a bad effect on their health.Many a times there are situations in life that we have to use medicines to avoid periods but believe it later it becomes very dangerous for your body and for your health.These drugs are extremely easy to use but they have side effects so much,maybe about it you would not know.If you use any kind of medicine to delay your periods they can have a very bad effect on your health. How do Periods delay medicines work? These are drugs that contain the hormone progesterone.Periods are delayed by eating them 3-4 days before the onset of period.During the first

Eat Curry Leaves For Easy Weight Loss

You can also reduce weight with curry leaves,know how? People want to lose weight but without working hard.Include anything in your diet but exercise is important for you to lose weight.Yes,the inclusion of curry leaves in the diet increases the weight loss process.Curry leaves are also used a lot in Ayurvedic medicines. Including curry leaves in the daily diet also enhances your immunity and keeps you away from many diseases. People usually use curry leaves to increase their flavor in the food.You do not know how many benefits you get by eating curry leaves.Curry leaves helps in lowering blood-sugar level which also proves very beneficial for diabetics.Even to keep the liver healthy curry leaf juice is very benificial.  You will be surprised to know that weights can also be reduced easily by curry leaves.Consumption of these leaves removes the accumulated fat of your body and the fiber it contains removes toxins from the body.Its laxative property makes it easy to digest.In te

Reduce Your Body Weight With Easy Methods

Tips for lose body weight without doing much. Increasing body weight has become very common now.Every other person is troubled by the problem of increasing weight and everyone is trying to reduce their body weight as soon as possible,which is very important.But in this hurry, people become very confused and they do not understand how to reduce their body weight correctly.And which is not such a difficult task, if we take proper care of our food and leave some of our bad habits, then we can lose weight very easily.Nobody wants to have a loose,heavy body.It kills the beauty of your entire personality.Excess obesity not only reduces beauty but also makes the body the home of diseases.A good personality is identified by a healthy body.Let's know which easy ways you can reduce your body weight. A correct diet chart that will reduce your weight as well as take care of every need of your body. People sweat in the gym for hours to lose weight,do dieting often take medicines.While

Do You Know About VB6 Diet?

VB6 diet is also known as Vegan Before 6,What is VB6 diet and why are people adopting it? One more type of diet has increased in the world of diet followers to remain healthy and fit, which is very much in trend at the moment.This diet is becoming famous as VB6,which takes care of health in addition to weight control.VB6 stands for Vegan Before 6 which means that people following this diet have a completely vegetarian and dairy-free diet till 6 in the evening.During this diet you can eat snacks and other food without worrying about calories but keep in mind that they should be vegetarian.If you want after 6 pm you can include dairy products and non-veg in your dinner. However if you want to follow VB6 with all sincerity and then some things should be kept in mind. For example,include more fruits and vegetables in your diet like cereals and dry fruits.Eat dairy products and non-veg only once a day that is for dinner. Benefits of VB6 diet While following the VB6 diet after so

How Wax Coated Fruits Are Harming Your Health

Wax coated fruits and your health If your eyes light up by seeing the bright fruits in the market then wait.Our aim behind stopping you is to warn you.Be warned because such fruits are 'extra wax coated',which works to spoil our health. Extra wax coated means a separate layer of wax on fruits and vegetables.Such layer fruits reach our homes every day and we consume them.However in some ways we can identify such fruits and vegetables and avoid the damage caused by them. The shopkeepers also do not bother to tell the customers that the fruit and vegetables have been wax coated.However it has been revealed in many research that any kind of wax coating on fruits is harmful.Wax coating has been done for decades to protect vegetables and fruits from spoilage and to keep them safe in the market.However fruits and vegetables leave a layer of wax in a natural way to protect themselves.But after breaking from the tree the chances of it getting worse increases.To avoid this farmer

Increased Risk Of Throat Cancer Is A Matter Of Concern

The problem of throat cancer is increasing its feet towards us very fast,on which we all have to pay attention. In most cases,cancer of the mouth and throat is more common in men than women.This cancer is spreading rapidly in big cities like Delhi. Throat cancer is seen more in those who consume tobacco and cigarettes in much higher amounts.Mouth cancer cases have also increased a lot in the last few years.According to a report,20 to 25 year olds are also suffering from throat cancer.However in this case the maximum number of people between 40 and 50 years are victims.We all know how dangerous cancer can be. Throat cancer starts in the mouth and later reaches the back of the throat.Because of which,parts of your tongue and tonsils are involved.They also spread in our respiratory tract.Throat cancer can also occur in our voice box,vocal cord and other parts of the mouth such as tonsils.You need to pay attention to how the throat cancer eventually spreads and what are its sympt

What Is Hypertension?Symptoms Causes And Treatment

How can the disease of hypertension negatively affect your life? Hypertension,which many people also know as high blood pressure.Blood pressure is the pressure that falls on the walls of the veins due to blood flow.Usually this blood pressure depends on the rate at which the heart is pumping blood and the number of obstructions the blood is experiencing in the veins.According to medical guidelines,blood pressure greater than 130/80 mmHg then it will be considered a patient of hypertension. The special thing is that despite the warnings of the World Health Organization,due to unhealthy lifestyle and unhealthy food habits the number of its patients is continuously increasing.Although any part of the body can be affected by high blood pressure but the heart is the biggest risk.Chest pain occurs when the heart does not get enough oxygen due to narrow or hardened blood vessels.In such a situation,if the blood supply stops,heart-attack or cardiac arrest can also occur. Symptoms of hy

Your Health And Magic Of Copper Utensils

Know how copper utensils have a positive effect on your health. A copper vessel that has been taking care of our health for centuries but with the changing times we have forgotten many things and left them far behind,one of which is a copper vessel.In this age of today,most people use non-stick and different types of utensils and in many ways it negatively affect our health in many ways.There was a time when copper utensils were used in every house, which not only took care of our health but also saved us from many diseases.Copper contains potent properties which dissolve in water and make water even more beneficial for health which is why it is beneficial to drink and store drinking water in copper utensils.By drinking the water stored in it,your stomach is also well cleaned and boost digestive power. Copper Utensils benefits How copper utensils good for your health? By using copper utensils the body receives essential minerals.Due to which we get many types of physical be

Why The Elderly Are At Greater Risk Of Coronavirus

Take special care of older people with coronavirus,Why? Because those who are above 60 years of age,their immune system and body's resistance power is greatly reduced,that is why we have to take especial care of the elderly in our homes.And especially those who have already surrounded with diseases like heart disease,diabetes,asthma etc.One of the main reasons for the patients who died was that aged patients had symptoms of sepsis while hospitalized.He had diseases like high blood pressure,heart problem and diabetes.There is a large number of diabetes patients in India.According to the International Diabetes Federation,the number of diabetes patients in India by 2019 was 7.7 crore.Many people infected with Corona virus are also being told to have diabetes.However,data on how many such patients are suffer is not available. About COVID-19 (Corona Virus) Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is a very subtle but effective virus.The corona virus is 9 hundred times smaller than human h

How To Protect Yourself And Your Family From Corona Virus

COVID19,Take these steps immediately after showing symptoms of corona virus. First of all,we start this article with the symptoms of Coronavirus (COVID-19) because it is very important for people to know what are the symptoms and what steps we have to take in time. Symptoms of COVID-19 (Corona Virus) Difficulty in breathing Fever Runny nose Sore throat Cough Tiredness Important -  Keep in mind one thing is not necessary that you are suffering from the corona virus,but time is running out that no kind of risk can be taken,then you should immediately contact the doctor. According to the World Health Organization, the corona virus Covid 19 has so far spread to 159 countries of the world and the number of deaths has increased to 33000.While the number of those affected has reached 600000.The virus has caused the most damage to Italy,Iran and Korea after China so far.Although China is now claiming that it has controlled the situation,the situation in Italy is getting w

Stomach Healthy Then You Healthy

If your stomach is healthy then you will be healthy. It is very important to take care of the health of the stomach.You can see the health of the stomach by connecting it to the health of your digestive system.An upset stomach means an attack on our immune system,because two-thirds of the body's immune system remains in our stomach.Many problems can arise from disturbances in the body's immune system.Some very minor and some fatal problems, such as auto-immune disease,heart disease,cancer,type-2 diabetes etc.As we have understood that the stomach is deeply connected to the immune system of the body,so it is very important to take care of its health. In addition to immunity, 90% of the hormone serotonin produced in the body is produced in the stomach. Also,there are 300 to 500 types of bacteria in the stomach. Hearing bacteria,you may think that they can make us sick but most of these bacteria play an important role in keeping us healthy.These are called microbes which live

Health Benefits Of Desi Ghee

Know how you can boost your health by including desi ghee in your daily diet. Many people think that desi ghee is not good for health because eating it increases weight and causes many other problems but this is not completely true if we use desi ghee correctly it can very beneficial for our body.Let us know how desi ghee benefits our body. For Digestion Good digestion is the key to good health and ghee can support healthy digestion by healing the lining of your stomach.Butyric acid being rich in a short-chain fatty acid,nourishes intestinal cells.It reduces inflammatory conditions,reduces leakage of unchanged food particles and aids in repair of mucosa wall. To increase energy level Ghee can boost your metabolism as well as energy level.The medium-chain fatty acids in this are particularly useful for increasing your energy level.These fatty acids are quickly processed by the liver and burn it as energy. Improve mental health Desi Ghee makes our mental state stronger

What Is Viagra How It Works

What is Viagra tablet,how does it work and what are its effects and side effects. Viagra Tablet helps relax and dilute blood vessels in the body. The tablet is a phosphodiesterase inhibitor that helps improve blood flow in certain areas of the body. Doctors prescribe this medicine for men suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED) and for those suffering from pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH). In both cases, the drug improves blood flow and thus helps in better condition. It is advised that you take the medicine after consulting a doctor and only in the prescribed manner. Viagra Tablet has many side effects like dizziness,blurred vision,back pain or stomach upset,disturbed sleep and so on.It is important that you consult a doctor immediately if you experience symptoms such as bladder pain,bloody urine,migraine,headache or bone pain. Viagra and alcohol The drug may interact with alcohol and may exacerbate conditions such as drowsiness,dizziness and fainting.So it would b

Smelly Scalp With Itching

Why strange smells come from my scalp with itching? This problem occurs with many people that even after washing the hair a strange smell keeps coming from the scalp,even after using many expensive products this problem does not go away.Because of this problem many times many people have to be embarrassed in many places,there may be many reasons behind this problem,maybe your diet is not right or the shampoo you are using is not be right for your scalp or it may not be right for your hair type.Maybe you have some hormonal problems.So today we will talk about this problem through the article of FitnessDuniya and will mention the possibilities due to which this problem can occur. Medical problem You may have a medical problem,such as psoriasis,too much dandruff,antifungal infection or too much oil exit from your scalp.If this problem has been bothering you for a long time,then meet a good dermatologist and share your problem with him.The dermatologist will understand your probl

The Two Biggest Dangers Of Diabetes

Two of the biggest risk of diabetes are Heart failure and Diabetic Macular Edema.People who suffer from diabetes are more likely to get these two diseases. This disease arises due to low insulin production in the body and today it has become a very common disease.Today a large part of the population is suffering from diabetes and it is a matter of concern that even the youth are not untouched by this disease.By the way,diabetes causes many chemical changes in the body which promote many other diseases in the body.There are many dangers,but Heart Failure and Macular Edema are two big dangers.Let's know about these two dangers. Heart failure due to diabetes Diabetic cardiomyopathy can cause heart failure.This is a progressive condition in which the heart is unable to deliver blood pump to the entire body.The risk of heart failure in type 2 diabetes patients is two and a half times higher than those who do not have this disease.In addition 25% of chronic heart failure patien

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