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Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

What is COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) ? It is a lung disease.Nearly 20 million people in the country are suffering from this disease.The disease is directly related to the decreasing flow of oxygen in the body and patient face difficulty in breathing.If you have been suffering from cough and sputum continuously for 2-3 months,it may be symptoms of COPD. You will be surprised to know that COPD is one of the biggest causes of death in the world. How is COPD diagnosed ? The best investigation of this disease is spirometry or PFT test.Generally there is no malfunction in the lungs during the initial stage,but later the size of the lungs increases and there is a lot of trouble in breathing,if it is happening from long time,then immediately meet the doctor.
Bronchitis>> Early warning signs of COPD :Chest tightnessShortness of breath especially during any kind of physical activities.Wheezing sound when breatheProduce muscus that may be clear in colour,yellow or greenish.…
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Effective Home Remedies To Reduce Stretch Marks

Natural home remedies for remove stretch marks : The sudden increase or decrease of weight or muscles gives rise to stretch marks in different parts of the body especially on tummy area,biceps,hips etc.These stretch marks red,white in colors and everyone is engaged in the rush to get rid of them as soon as possible.But the truth is that stretch marks never go completely,but yes,they can be so lightly, that they will not be noticed.You can also dilute them by increasing the collagen production.Here we are telling you some home remedies which will lighten the stretch marks in just a few weeks. Almond oil Vitamin E contained in it moisturizes the skin deeply and helpful in getting relief from strech marks. Regular Massage of 15 to 20 minutes with almond oil on the affected part lightening stretch marks. Cocoa butter Cocoa butter nourishes the skin and helps to increase collagen production.Regular use of it will be very effective.Massage the stretch marks with a cocoa butter while sleepi…

Coconut Milk For Healthy Beautiful Skin

To maintain your skin more healthy and beautiful use coconut milk. Coconut milk containing fatty acids, proteins and vitamin E has the property of moisturizing and repairing, which can enhance your skin.Here we are presenting advantages associated with the coconut milk. Healthy natural makeup remover :Dip the cotton ball from fresh coconut milk and remove make-up with light hands.Fatty acids present in milk will remove stubborn make-up marks and nourish the skin. Good for skin health :From sensitive to oily skin,coconut milk is suitable for every kind of skin.Due to its moisturizing and cooling properties it also helps to get rid of dry skin and problems like eczema,psoriasis. Remove wrinkles and make your skin soft :Massaging the face with coconut milk makes the skin soft and get rid of wrinkles.Coconut milk contains vitamin C and E extensively, which can maintain the skin's flexibility. Moisturizes the skin :Coconut milk moisturizes the skin deeply and relieves dry skin.Apply the …

Surprising Health Benefits Of Drinking Hot Water

Health advantage of drinking warm water : You can not even imagine how profitable it can be for health to drink warm water on empty stomach.As soon as you start drinking lukewarm water instead of bed tea or coffee,you can change your life miraculously.Let's look at the big results of this little habit.
Helps in weight reduction : If you start your day with lukewarm lemonade,then the process of breaking the adipose tissue (body fat) is faster.Because pectin fiber in lemon,thereby will control your appetite.Drinking lukewarm water increases the body's temperature,which increases the metabolic rate of the body. Increasing metabolic rate increases the body's ability to burn calories. Lukewarm water is helpful in good sleep : When you drink lukewarm water before sleeping at night,your body becomes relaxed.Your nerves get relief. Because of this you sleep deeply. Lukewarm water gives relief from constipation : Your digestive system becomes active by drinking hot water in the mo…

Are You A Victim Of Social Anxiety ?

Social anxiety disorder :
Ever felt like you are afraid of small things?Or are you afraid of going between people?Or someone has asked you something and you have felt that what will happen if the answer is wrong? Or if you feeling uncomfortable while sleeping at night and in any way do not get peace of your mind or do you feel that you are alone and no one with you? If so, then you are in the grip of social anxiety.This disease is also called social phobia.
What is social anxiety or social phobia and causes ? It is a type of mental disorder that is more common in people 15 to 35 years of age. If it is not treated at the right time,it will turn into phobia.Due to changing lifestyles and increasing stress,this problem is increasing in people.Due to not knowing its symptoms,this problem increases.If this disease is more than 6 months, it can also develop other some serious disease.Therefore it is okay to identify and treat it during the time.
Symptoms related to social anxiety : Fear of …

Health Benefits Associated With Vitamin K

Why Vitamin K is important and what does Vitamin K do for your body ? Vitamins are very important for our body.Not only do they save us from diseases,but it is also important to build cells, hair and skin.One such vitamin is Vitamin K which protects our body from many diseases and many important processes in our body are due to of this vitamin like help in reducing diabetes and obesity,also it helps to prevent blood injury etc.Let's tell you what are the benefits of vitamin K : Prevents bleeding : It is natural to get bleeding after a deep injury. But if the bleeding continues to bleed after injury, then all the blood of the body will be out.Therefore through blood clotting,nature has arranged to stop our bleeding.If you have a deficiency of vitamins 'K', blood clotting can not be done and excessive blood flows. Strengthening bones : Vitamin 'K' is important for our bones too.The calcium taken by you begins to absorb more in your bones due to the lack of vitamin K…

Feeling Sleepy All The Time

Why do i feel lazy and sleepy all the time ? After returning home from the office or after a long journey,it is imperative to have tiredness,but if you feel tired and feeling lazy all time,every day then it is not normal and you should pay attention to it.Many times there is a lot of fatigue due to lack of sleep, but if you are still sleepy after complete hours of sleep,there may be many reasons behind it.So let's know what is the reason for fatigue and laziness all time. Skipping breakfast Mostly people leave the breakfast in the morning,due to which the body does not get the required nutrients and body feel broken,lazy all time.So take a heavy and healthy breakfast in the morning and make sure that they are full of all the essential elements.Apart from this, many times we do not take enough iron in our diet, which causes the tiredness throughout the day.So make sure you take enough amounts of iron and other nutritious ingredients. Not to be properly hydrated If you do not drink…

Health Benefits Of Eating Dates

Are dates good for you? Dates are a great source of many types of vitamins and minerals.It contains essential minerals such as calcium,iron,phosphorus,sodium,potassium,magnesium and zinc.In addition, it loaded with thiamine,rivoflavin,niacin,folate,vitamin A and other vitamins.The date is free of cholesterol and fat is also very low.So eat dates. Health benefits associated with dates :Increase blood - It increases the amount of blood in the body,so people suffering from anemia get lot benefit from it.
Good for heart and nervous system health - Potassium is rich in dates and very small amounts of sodium,hence it is helpful in keeping our nervous system and heart healthy.
Strong healthy bones - Selenium,copper and magnesium present in the dates which make the bones healthy and strong.
Good for allergic patients - Organic sulphur is found in it,which is present in very few foods. Sulphur greatly reduces the risk of allergic reactions and seasonal allergies.
Foods for make your mind more hea…

4 Fruits For Anemic Patients

Add these 4 fruits in your diet and fight with anemia (Iron Deficiency).. When there is a lack of blood in your body or the level of hemoglobin decreases,the condition of anemia arises.Here we are preparing a list of easily available fruits in the market,which you can bring your hemoglobin level to normal.

Pomegranate (Anar) - Inside the pomegranate,abundant amounts of iron are found which are very beneficial in anemia. By using this blood will increase in your body and iron deficiency will be complete.You can also take it as juice.

Dates (Khajoor) - Dates contain vitamin C,fibers,nutrients,antioxidants,which plays an important role in the production of iron in our body which very beneficial for anemic patients.Take two dates and soak them in a cup boiled milk overnight.Eat on the empty stomach next morning.This is beneficial for your overall health.

Banana - Banana contains plenty of iron,which increases the production of hemoglobin in the blood and fight with anemia.There are many oth…

Superfood Cucumber For Good Health

Health benefits of eating cucumber : Cucumber and scientific name (Cucumis Sativus) rich in vitamins and minerals is kept in the superfood category.When asked about the health benefits associated with cucumber, It is a low-calorie food.You would be surprised to know that there are only 15 calories in 100 grams cucumber. That is why we recommend that people who want to lose weight naturally consumed cucumber. It is also a great source of potassium in addition to vitamin A, B1, B6, C. There is 147 mg of potassium in 100 g cucumbers, which plays an important role in controlling blood pressure and keeping the heart healthy. Cucumber has 95 percent water, so consuming it does not lead to lack of water and body temperature is also balanced. Cucumber also has many therapeutic properties.There are properties present in cucumber, which protect us from breast, prostate and oral cancer. Having more water and fiber, it keeps the digestive system smooth by taking out the toxic substances from the…

Brain Stroke Disease Is Increasing Rapidly In People

About 2 million new cases of brain stroke are recorded each year and this is becoming a major cause of untimely death and disability. Today the condition is that every sixth person in the world has ever been a victim of brain stroke and the second biggest cause of death among people over the age of 60 is brain stroke.This is the fifth largest cause of death in the age group of 15 to 59 years. According to experts,70 percent of patients lose their ability to listen and watch after brain stroke. Also, 30 percent of the patients need help from other people. Usually, 20 percent of those who have heart disease have a stroke problem.In some parts of the brain there is a stroke due to the supply of blood disrupted or severely reduced and brain cells are dead in a few minutes after the lack of oxygen and nutrients in the brain tissues, hence the patient can be brought to the normal condition by the treatment as soon as possible,otherwise death or permanent disability can occur.Millions of ne…

Benefits Of BreastFeeding For Mother And Baby

How is breastfeeding beneficial for both mother and child? Let's know. There is no other nutrient such as mother's milk for newborn baby.Feeding the baby is not only good for the health of the child, it is also very beneficial for the mother.Mother's milk is called the whole diet for the baby.For six months all the needs of the baby body are fulfilled through mother milk.Let's Know the Benefits of Breastfeeding. Benefits for mother: Reduce mother weight During pregnancy,your body keeps extra calories for milk production.So if you give your child your milk instead of Formula Milk, then your post pregnancy weight loss will be much higher than those women who can not feed the baby for a long time. Breast Feeding decreases the risk of cancer Mothers who feed breast to their child,they have a lower risk of having pre and post-menopause breast cancer compared to those who are avoid breast-feeding for different reasons. Strengthens mother and child bonding It has been proven…

Detox Water Natural Health Tonic

What is detox water?Benefits and Losses..
Water is a magical element in itself,which has countless health benefits.Detox water is even better, because you can make it very easily at home.We are telling you the qualities of this delicious natural health drink. We all should drink at least 2-3 liters of water a day, so that we can get the right hydration and we can take toxins out of the body. But most of us do not do this regularly.Fruitful Detox water is something that you will be waiting to drink.When you feel the lack of energy instead of packaged fruit juices or coffee it will be a good choice.Drinking detox water containing fruits is not like eating fruit but it has some of its benefits associated with health.Detox water can be easily taken anywhere.Infused water by citrus fruits corrects your digestive system,reduces swelling and problems of indigestion. Do not accept Detox Water as a short cut for essential fruit intake,as it can never replace fruit intake. Fruit-infused water …

Protein Supplements

What is protein supplements,Uses,Precautions,Expert Suggestion : When anybody joins the gym or it is a matter of fitness,the first thing come in the mind is protein,because protein develops our muscles.But there are some things related to protein supplements which are very important to know.Let's know. Uses and work of protein supplements : Athletes,bodybuilders require more protein than normal people. Its purpose is to repair damaged muscles during exercise.Yet most people,even athletes and bodybuilders complete the need of daily protein through natural sources such as meat,fish,chicken and dairy products.Taking excess protein diet for daily use does not give any additional benefits to the muscles because it is absorbed in a limited amount according to requirement of muscles.Some people may need protein shakes to meet the daily needs of the protein in the body for build muscles.Low calorie receptors,vegetarian people and hard training collectors can benefit from protein suppleme…

For Womens : Take Care Of These Things

Women's health : Diseases,Symptoms The make-up of women's body is quite different and complicated,so there are many types of medical problems.So it becomes necessary that you take care of yourself and do not ignore any problem related to your health,body.We will tell you about some problems through this article which you should take seriously and consult with good doctor.
Irregular menstruation - If you are troubled by irregular menstruation for a long time,such as late periods or excessive flow, many times you have unbearable pain with weakness so do not delay and meet a lady doctor and tell about your problem. Many times this problem can be related to thyroid, stress and because of poor diet.

Cyst in breast - If you get any lumps or swelling in your chest then be a little cautious and immediately contact the doctor.There may be other reasons for this,such as hormonal disturbance,infection but you should consult with doctor.

Bacterial infection - If your white discharge color i…

Benefits Of Drumstick Vegetable

Know how eating a drumstick can be very beneficial for your health.

Consumption of drumstick vegetable is very beneficial for health.Its botanical name "Moringa Oleifera" is also known by the names like Sahana, Sujana, Sanjan and Munaga, in different places.Sahjan has four times calcium and high protein compared to milk.While the flower of drumstick is effective in stomach and cough diseases, its fruit is beneficial in the abdominal and leaves in eyes,spasms,cough and arthritis etc. Improve digestive system : In the drumstick,fiber is present in abundance, which strengthens and improve digestive system. Its intake cleaned intestines. Protein and carbohydrate present in it helps in correcting the stomach function. Natural blood purifier : It can be consumed as juice or soup, it is very beneficial for blood purification.Drumstick leaves have properties to purify blood, it also acts as a powerful full antibiotic agent. Good for diabetic patients : It reduces blood sugar levels…

Vegetarian Foods For Build Strong Bones

Veg Foods that can make your bones more stronger and healthy  Good healthy eating habits create a healthy body, we all know. Today we are going to talk about some of the food items you can make your bones more stronger and powerful. Remember, as much calcium as it is necessary to strengthen the bones, there are many more essential things that strengthen our bones, and all these things get us from good complete diet,good food items. Let's know. Foods that build strong bones : Milk - Whenever it comes to bone strength, the first name that comes to mind is milk. Yes bones become strong by drinking milk.Good quality calcium is found in milk which strengthen bones.So drink atleast one glass of milk daily for healthy bones.

Yogurt - Add at least one bowl of curd daily in your diet, this will complete your calcium demand in the body and strengthen the bones. Not only this, there are many benefits of eating curd, yogurt contains bacterias that are beneficial for our body.These bacteria inc…

Water Retention Causes,Symptoms And Diet

What is water retention or edema in body their causes,symptoms and diet. With the problem of water retention water gets accumulated in the body parts,causing swelling in parts of the body such as hands, feet, face and stomach muscles and pain in the feet,ankles and legs start.If your weight is not balanced and fluctuate frequently, then it may be the symptoms of water retention. Causes behind water retention in the body : When our body does not balance the level of mineral, the water starts freezing in the body tissues and due to which the body starts to blossom.Water retention can be due to many reasons like high intake of salt is one of the main reasons,it increases the level of sodium in the body.There may be water retention due to hormonal imbalances in women, high intake of sugar,serious cardiovascular and liver disease. Symptoms of water retention :Fluctuation in body weightBloating in the abdominal areaSwelling in legs,feet,ankles,handsStiffness in the jointsVasectomy in male

Use Of Drugs,Intoxication To Relieve Stress?

If you use drugs,alcohol or any other intoxication to avoid or reduce stress level then it is very dangerous for you. Lot of people take the help of alcohol and diffrent kind of intoxication to get rid of the stress,anxiety but forget that by doing so they destroy their life.It is seen that this thing starts from a small and takes the form of habit.Studies show that people who suffer from anxiety or mood disorders (such as depression, bipolar disorder and mania) there is twice the probability of having a addictive compared to normal peoples.Other mental health disorders caused by drug abuse are those that occur with antisocial personality disorder and behavior disorder.Also,if you are using any medicines without doctor's consultation,this can also lead to mental disorder.
Medicines used to treat mental health disorders are usually narcotic,they affect the chemicals present in your brain.The medicines you can use to get some relief from your stress or circumstances, they follow th…

Three Habits That Can Reduce Your Weight

Well,there are countless things that are said to lose weight,but we will talk about just three things from which you can control your body weight to a great extent. Drinking warm water in the morning : It is very beneficial to drink 2 to 3 glasses of light warm water at the time of morning, it helps in reducing your body weight naturally,detox our body,reduces constipation,strengthens our digestive system.
Drink water immediately after eating food : Most people are drinking water immediately after eating food,which is very harmful to health.Doing this increases the fat of your stomach and your body can not absorb the nutrients of food so that the body's needs can not be fulfilled.Always drink water after 20 to 30 minutes of food.

Sleeping immediately after eating : People often sleep immediately after eating,which is a great reason to increase body weight.Eat three or four hours before bedtime,especially dinner.It also has the wrong effect on your digestive system, so that food d…

Do Not Take Dandruff Lightly

If you are troubled by stubborn dandruff for a long time,then do not ignore it,immediately consult a good doctor. Many people are complaining about dandruff and trying many things,but if dandruff does not go away, then it is a matter of concern, there may be any fungal infection on your scalp or any other problem. In many cases it has been seen that a person who has a dandruff, uses many methods like home remedies,changing shampoo or using anti-dandruff shampoo other products etc and it does not have any effect.In such a situation it becomes necessary that you meet the doctor(Dermatologist) and take proper treatment. Serious symptoms of dandruff:Flakes of scalp skin in diffrent types like yellow,greasy,white.In some cases itchy flaking that appears on the eyebrows,scalp,hairline,nose,ears etc.Too much itching on scalp and redness.Too much hair loss.If there is no effect after using anti-dandruff shampoo. Precautions in dandruff: Take care of cleaning scalpDo not wash hair with hot wat…

Ladies Please Take Care Of Your Heart

Today heart-related diseases are growing rapidly, in which the number of womens is very high. There is usually a thought of all that the heart attack only comes to Mens, which is a completely wrong thinking. You know, according to a report, about 5 lakh women have heart strokes every year, which are very high. Nowadays due to the unhealthy lifestyle the problems of the heart spread their feets very fastly. There are many women who die due to heart attack, either lack of treatment at the right time or lack of information. Heart related diseases are constantly growing in womens, so it is very important that you take care of yourself. Most women are seen to be very stressful and depressed in the work of home and office, who can go further and lead to heart diseases.
The number of womens continuously increasing, which gives their lives due to CVD (CardioVascular Disease).There may be many causes of heart diseases such as shortage of sleep,increasing weight has a negative effect on the he…

DhanurAsana For Diabetic Patients

Dhanurasana : This is particularly beneficial for patients with liver disease and diabetes.This pose not usually done in the early stages especially for beginners,but after the practice of yoga, this posture can be done very easily.Dhanurasana is such a yog posture that while doing the body shape becomes like a bow,that is why it is called Bow Pose.
Benefits of dhanurasana:By doing this pose the blood is cleansed and improve the ability to produce insulin in the body naturally,so it is very beneficial for diabetic patients.Making the spinal cord flexible and strong.Good for kidneys.Reduce stress and fatigue.It is very helpful in reducing belly fat.Beneficial in strengthening joints and improving respiratory system.It also helps in reducing menstrual problems in women. How to do dhanurasana (Bow Pose) Laying on the stomach,keep the distance in the feet as buttocks and keep both hands straight on both sides of the body.Now bend the knees and bend the legs slightly backward while holding…

Some Diseases That Can Lead Erectile Dysfunction In The Future

Name of diseases that can become the cause of ED (Erectile Dysfunction) Unhealthy lifestyle,wrong eating habits have become part of life, among these, some diseases catch up with our bodies,from which we have to suffer significant losses and some of  health losses which have a great effect on our physical and mental health and also affect our personal life.Here today we will talk about diseases which can lead to erectile dysfunction in the future.
Hyperlipidemia Hyperlipidemia is a disease in which your blood has too much lipid (fat) that is,cholesterol and triglycerides.Due to this disease your erectile dysfunction or impotence can occur in the future.When the arteries are completely blocked then the blood supply will also slow down and this will affect your erection. Heart disease Due to changing and unhealthy lifestyles,heart disease has emerged as a major disease.This disease also damages our physical health.It can cause erectile dysfunction (impotence) in the future. Diabetes Do…

Foods For Make Your Mind More Healthy

Build healthy strong mind with healthy foods : Mostly peoples compromised with his diet because of busy life or work.Due to this, they surround the depression,migraine and other mental problems.Physical health as well as mental health is also very important.To maintain mental health, you need a nutritious diet. Therefore, to avoid brain problems it is very important to take balneous and healthy diets.Today we are going to tell you about some of the food items that are not only physical but also beneficial for mental health. By including all these things in your diet, you can also improve your brain health.

Nuts - Eating protein,mineral and calcium-rich nuts is also very beneficial for mind.Almond contains an element named Triphophan which helps in improving mental health.At the same time other nuts like walnuts,cashew nuts are very important for heart health.
Green Vegetables -Iron,folic acid,antioxidant and lutein in green leafy vegetables keep you physically and mentally healthy.You …

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