Fruits That Will Gurantee Weight Loss

Fruits are natural foods with immense benefits that help in weight loss – they are high in fibre, contain natural sugars and help keep hunger pangs at bay.Know more about some fruits who reduce your body fat and make you healthy.

watermelon health benefits
Watermelon is good option in fruits for weight loss.It’s high in water content (90%) and a 100g serving just contains 30 calories.Watermelon also a rich source of amino acids called arginine which helps burn fat. 

guava health benefits

Gauva high in fibre, it’s another potent weight loss aid thanks to the fact that its glycemic index is low, making it perfect for diabetics as well. Along with that, it keeps our bowel movements prim and proper which aids the overall weight loss process.

health benefit of pear

Pear helps reduce cholesterol levels,body fat, reduces the risk of coronary heart diseases and type II diabetes.Pear fulfil daily fibre requirement and is great for your digestive system.

fruits who reduce body fat

Orange  great to taste, 100g of this fruit only contains 47 calories which is great for someone looking for a snack while trying to follow a strict diet and good for weightloss.

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