How To Reduce Breast Size By Natural Ways

how to reduce breast size naturally

Mainly Breasts size develop from embryological tissues, and the high estrogen level in females during puberty causes breasts to start growing bigger.Breasts are mammary glands composed of layers of different types of tissue, including adipose, glandular and connective tissues. As these tissues have hormone receptors, there is often fluctuation in breast sizes and volumes based on hormonal changes in the body.There are also many other reasons who are responsible for breast over size like hormonal changes in the body and side effects of certain drugs,genetics, obesity, pregnancy, breastfeeding.
Check some natural tips you can easily do for reduce your breast size.

  1. Fish Oil - Very rich in omega-3 fatty acids that are beneficial for women who want to control their breast size. These fatty acids help reduce estrogen levels, which is one of the causes of oversized breasts. In addition, fish oil helps reduce body weight.If you are vegetarian take other source of omega-3 like walnuts, flaxseeds, flaxseed oil and soybeans etc.
  2. Changing In Diet - Eat  healthy, balanced diet will aid proper weight management so there is less fat in your body. This will lead to a natural reduction in breast size as well.
  3. Use Egg Whites - Good and natural  remedy to reduce your breast size. It will help you get firm breasts and tighten the chest area to make your breasts look smaller.

  1. Mash the white portion of one egg thoroughly into a smooth cream-like texture.
  2. Apply this paste on the bottom of the breasts.
  3. Leave it for 30 minutes.
  4. Mix the juice of 1 onion in a glass of water.
  5. Use the onion and water mixture to rinse off the egg white.
  6. Repeat this remedy once daily for a few weeks to see firmer, smaller breasts.
  4. Flaxseeds - Naturally loaded with omega-3 fatty acids that help reduce estrogen levels in the body. A high estrogen level is one of the reasons behind enlarged breasts. In addition, flaxseeds aid in removing harmful toxins from the body.
  • Add 1 table spoon ground flaxseeds to a glass of hot water. Drink it once daily.
Exercises For Reduce Breast Size

Aerobics -  speed up your metabolism rate, which in turn reduces overall body fat. Once you start losing weight, your breasts will automatically reduce in size.
  • Start Cycling
  • Stair Climbing aerobic exercise that you can do easily
  • Do brisk walking very good for burn body fat
Strength And Cardio Exercises
  • Do low-impact cardio workouts since most women who have very large breasts simply cannot do high-impact exercises like jogging or running,jumping etc. Do low-impact cardio exercises on equipment like a stationary bike, treadmill or elliptical trainer for 40 minutes, at least 5 days a week or consult with your trainer.
  •  Strength-training exercises to help tighten up the chest muscles and reduce breast size automatically. Examples of these exercises include classic pushup and dumbbell bench press. Do these exercises with high repetitions between 8 to 12 reps in 2 or 3 sets, a few times a week.

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