Healthy Food Healthy Skin

Eating healthy food is not only good for your physical health,healthy food also make your skin healthy and more glowing.Check some foods which is very good for your skin.

tomato for healthy and glowing skin

Start eating tomato like sauce and tomato soups may help clear up acne,“Lycopene the phytochemical that makes tomatoes red may lower an acne-promoting hormone.Lycopene and other carotenoids found in orange to reddish-coloured fruits and vegetables can help improve the skin’s antioxidant status and make your skin more healthy and glowing.

green tea for glowing skin

Green tea is naturally loaded with antioxidants, which will help your skin look younger and healthier overall.

sea food and fish for healthy and beautiful skin

Sea food & Fish is very good for beautiful and glowing skin.Mainly people who eat fish and sea food had less skin wrinkling and have beautiful glowing skin.Sea food and fish fully loaded with omega3 fatty acids which is very good for skin and overall health.

brown rice for healthy and good skin

Include some brown rice in your daily diet and make your skin more healthy and beautiful.Brown rice helping your skin to maintain its moisture.

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