Home Remedies For Black And Strong Hairs

natural home remedies for black and long hairs

Today many peoples use many colours and chemicals over the hair and finish natural growth and beauty of hairs.Stop using chemicals and other cosmetic products and adopting the natural home remedies to get strong and beautiful hairs without using any chemical or artificial touch.

Try some natural ways for making your hair black and strong hairs.
  • Ghee With Mulethi - Take one kg ghee or pure butter 1 liter of Amla juice, and 250gm of mulethi and heat all these on a normal flame. Let the water evaporate from the mixture. Now, you will get the actual content you are looking for. Now, store the mixture in a glass container. You can use this hair mask every day before going for a hair wash. It is very effective in bringing jet back color of your hair.
  • Amla - Take half liter of water and put two table spoon of Amla powder in it. Now add some lemon juice in the solution. It is a wonderful solution to make your hair black if you wash your hair with this solution daily.
  • Mango Stones - Apply the oil of mango stones in your hair to get black hair.It is very effective way to turn white hairs into black hairs.
  • Lemon Juice With Coconut Oil - Very old and effective home remedies for long and strong hairs and also helping in removing dandruff from hairs.Take some coconut oil in a container and set it over heat such that it is warm in appearance. Now squeeze half of lemon into coconut oil and make a mixture. Apply this solution over your hair such that it touches your hair root as well. Massage your hair in such a way that not a single strand of hair is left out. Use your finger tips to massage the scalp and get gray hair white naturally.
  • Coconut Oil With Curry Leaves - Boil the coconut oil and add some curry leaves in it.Apply this mixture over your scalp and massage gently with your fingure tips. Allow it to stay overnight and wash it with a shampoo next morning.
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