Moves for lose weight and increase strength

Start burning fat and increase your strength,boost your metabolism system.Try some best moves in your gym or home which reduce your body fat and boost your strength.

squat to press,workouts for loss fat,strength traning

Squat To Press - Squats is the best exercise for complete body workout,
create an anabolic environment, which promotes body-wide muscle building, improving muscle mass.If you want to burn your body fat and increase body strength this is good exercise.Main working area of squats are hamstrings,calves,quadriceps and also very good for back muscles and glutes.Try squat to press best for burn calories and build strength.

romanian deadlift,deadlift position,workouts for strong back

Romanian Dead-Lift - Burn body fat and increase your strength with romanian dead lift.It trains every major muscle group like legs, glutes, the entire back, core, and arms,hamstrings and boost your body strength.Take your trainer advice and do it properly.

crossover lunges,lunges,weight loss traning

Crossover Lunges - Working on hamstrings and glutes extra hard because you are trying to stay balanced and increase strength.Take at least 3 sets of 12 reps and add weight to make it a more challenging full body workout.

planks workouts,how do planks workout,what is plank workout

Planks Workout - Take a challenge and do a circuit of different types of planks to see even faster results. Do side planks or side plank crunches, reverse planks, straight-arm planks, planks with lifting your leg up, one-legged planks, and twisting knee planks.This is best core exercise.

burn fat and increase strength

Bench Press - Build chest increase strength with bench press,grab the bar and hold it in the base of your palm; take a deep breath and unrack; elbows should be locked, lower the bar to mid-chest; keep the forearms vertical; press.

one leg dead lift movement,workouts for strong back

One Leg Dead Lift - Stand on one foot and lift the other behind you until it’s parallel to the ground. Hold that positions for 10 seconds and push back. Bonus: Your hamstrings get a great workout too.Start this exercise with light dumbbell or free weight if you are new.

Important - Please take proper traning and guidance under professional trainer.

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