Workouts For Strong And Wide Shoulders

Want to build bigger,stronger and rounder shoulders? Try some shoulders workouts in your gym for great and muscular shoulders.

lateral raises for shoulders
Don't have to force your shoulder higher than is comfortable. If you raise too high, you may feel some impingement. Remember one thing You're working the muscle, not the joint.Your elbows should always be slightly higher than your hands and your pinky should point up at a 45-degree angle. 

overhead dumbell press for shoulders

Secondly take any over head movement for shoulder like overhead dumbell press,standing barbell press,military press etc,yes am show only one postion in the above picture but you can do any overhead movement for shoulder whic i mention.For more strength and stability include at least one standing press variation.

low cable face pull shoulder workout

Stand a few feet back and take your position now pull the cable right up to your face while rotating the shoulders up and pulling the rope apart. The rope should end up right at the bridge of your nose and you should feel tremendous tension in the back of your shoulders.This is a complex movement, but it's crucial that you rotate your shoulders back and pull the rope apart at the same time

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