Kill Your Depression Without Drugs

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Depression yes very big problem and especially in youngsters.Today millions of peoples suffer from depression problem because of many problems personal,family,office etc and start taking medicines (drugs) without any prescription of any doctor or checkup and increase there problems.Here we discuss some ways by which patient of depression can reduce there depression without using any kind of drugs.

workouts for reduce depression,depression remedies

Start some workout - Divert your mind and start workout it can relieve depression, possibly by altering the mood-regulating brain chemicals norepinephrine and serotonin.It may also release the endorphins responsible for the "runner's high" that some experience.Some exercises you can do easily like brisk walking,cycling,treadmill,aerobic etc.

light therapy for depression,depression

Light Therapy - Try light therapy for reduce depression level,in this process you sit near a brightly lit box that mimics outdoor light. Light therapy generally starts with daily sessions of about 15 to 20 minutes and increases to up to two hours daily.

acupuncture treatment for depression,how reduce depression

Acupuncture for depression - Good option for reduce depression.According to some studies 70 patients with a major depressive disorder who were already taking an antidepressant seemed to show more improvement if they had acupuncture, compared to those who did not.

how kill depression,meditation for depression

Meditation - Reduce your depression by doing meditation for 10 to 15 minutes and increase your timing.Meditation relax your mind and increase your confidence level.

yoga asanas for depression

Yoga - Do some yoga asana.According to some studies both people with emotional distress and major depression, practicing yoga reduces stress, hostility, anxiety, and depression, and improves energy, sleep quality, and well-being.

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