Can Stress Affect Your Fertility?

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Yes stress is often a key factor in reduced fertility as excess emotional or physical stress lowers levels of sex hormones-natures way of ensuring that vulnerable infants are less likely to be born during times of strife and famine.According to experts main stress hormone,adrenaline acts as a signal that conditions are not ideal for conception.The hormone inhibits the use of progesterone,which is essential for fertility and causes the pituitary gland to release higher levels of prolactin,which both lowers sex drive and reduces fertility in some cases by stopping ovulation.

There are some steps to reduce the level of stress you experience in your daily life.
  • Daily exercise
  • Make sure you get complete sleep
  • Start yoga or Meditate
  • Consider stress counselling
  • Take time out from stressful work
  • Try reflexology therapy,acupuncture,massage,acupressure
  • Change your schedule

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