Trataka Meditation

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Try Trataka for intense relaxation,this is an open eyed form of meditation.Something similar was also practised by priestesses in ancient egypt,who stared into bowls of still water and the methods has remained essentially unchanged over thousands of years.One of the best objects to gaze at is a burning candle with a steady flame.Some practitioners recommend fixing your eyes on the tip of the wick as this does not move,even when a draught disturbs the flame.In a dim or dark room place a candle at arms length at the eye level then gaze,unblinking for as long you can before your eyes become teary or tire.The length of the time you can increase with practice to near ten minutes.Trataka is said to calm the mind and give energy to third eye.There are many health benefits like reduce stress level,improve your memory,reduce fatigue and best for intense relaxation.

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