Childrens And Antibiotics

antibiotics for childrens,is antibiotics safe for childrens

ALL we know very well that the more use of antibiotics to treat infection then the greater number of species of bacteria that become resistant to its effects,which is why antibiotics should never be used for minor health problems or infection that our bodily defences can deal with naturally.According to The Health Journal,Gut has reported that children who received a course of antibiotics before the age of 4 are more chances to suffer from bowel diseases and other health problems later in life.In fact,every course of antibiotics given before the age of 4 led to an additional 15 percent increase in the chance of an intestinal disorder later in life.According to some researchers and scientists the reason behind the phenomenon is that the antibiotics given may kill the good bacteria in the body that protect us from bowel disease.
Yes your family doctor should know what is the best but,in the event that you are given a choice,its up to the parent to decide whether or not a member of the family really needs a course of antibiotics.

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