Oils And Their Health Benefits

Some natural oils and their powerful health benefits.

Tea Tree Oil - Mostly people use tea tree oil for fight infection and boost the immune system.Tea tree oil best for treat dandruff,cuts and burns,foot massage and blemishes among many others.

Lavender Oil - Best for relaxes the mind and body and help aid in reducing inflammation.Apply this oil to a small area of skin or adding a few drops to a diffuser or pillow for a good nights sleep.

Sandalwood Oil - This super exotic oil is long lasting and can help calm and focus the senses.Applying few drops of sandalwood oil to your body lotion can help improve skin hydration and relieve tension.

Bergamot - This is the best oil for treat anxiety,stress,as well as a number of skin conditions like eczema.

Ylang-Ylang - Best for all skin types especially for oily,congested or inflamed skin.Ylang-Ylang oil has a sweet flowery fragrance and can be found in a variety of diffrent hair and skin products.
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