Is Organic Food Worth It

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Many studies and experiments have linked certain pesticides with health issues like birth defects,cancer,infertility etc.Many consumers are still wary of the cost that comes with purchasing organic food-which cab be as much as twice the price of conventionally grown food.If you eat more conventionally food on a regular basis,you are more likely to ingest fungicides,insecticides and plant growth hormones.Swedish Environmental Research Institute undertook a study with a family who eating only organic food for three weeks to check how much difference eating organically can make.
While initial tests showed that the family had high level of pesticides in their body system before start experiment and those pesticides completely disappeared after the three weeks of test and the family didn't want to eat anything other than organic food.

Health benefits of organic food
  • Organic food contain fewer pesticides and safe for body system
  • More stronger and energetic body
  • Organic food are richer in certain nutrients

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