Precautions During Pregnancy

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Especially for future mothers,take some precautions during your pregnancy days.Here we list some important steps for reduce pregnancy risks.

Avoid Non-Essential Drugs - If your are taking any prescribed medicines or other,let your doctor know that you are intending to start a family,so that any potentially harmful medicines can be changed to safer versions.

Regular Workout - Start some workout,especially if you are overweight.Set aim for at least 30 minutes workout every day that is brisk enough to raise a light sweat and leave you slightly breathless.
Important - Please consult with doctor before start any kind of workout.

Eat Healthy - Eat more fruits,vegetables and natural source of protein.Discuss with your doctor you may to take a multivitamins and mineral supplement especially designed for pregnancy or pre-pregnancy both.

Stop Smoking - If you smoke,stop it now.Women who smoke 10 or more cigarettes per day are three times more likely to experience difficulty in conceiving than non-smokers.

Travel Precautions - Use car dont use 2 or 3 wheelers in pregnancy.Avoid aggressive travel schedules espcially in 1st and 3rd trimesters.

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