Habits that damage your kidneys

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Today many peoples suffering from kidney faliure and spread very fastly.Every year millions of peoples become last stage patient of kidney faliure,some of them use dialysis process and some kidney transplant.Do you know just because of some bad habits many peoples damage their kidneys,so here we point out some habits that damage your kidneys.
  1. Pee Stop - Stoping pee especially in the morning time is very harmful for kidney.So never trying to stop your pee.
  2. Excess use of tabacco and smoking - Smoking and chewing tabacco effect kidney working capacity and also very harmful for your lungs.
  3. Not drinking enough water - Water play a very important role in human body,if you drink less amount of water there is more chances of kidney infection.
  4. Excess use of salt - Yes salt is important for human body but excess use of salt in your daily diet may damage your kidney.
  5. Excess use of pain killers - Avoid excess use of pain killers and always take medicines after doctor consultation.

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