Healthy Foods For New Mothers

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Maintain a healthy diet play a very vital role during pregnancy time and also for new mother to follow healthy diet after the baby is born.Healthy diet help new mothers to recover fast from labor pain and reduce stress of mother.Eating healthy food especially important if you are breastfeeding to your baby for ensure that your baby get all the healthy nutrients for proper growth and development of your child.Do you know breastfeeding reduces many health related risks like - respiratory illness,allergies,infections etc,so to make sure your baby get all important nutrients you need to include some healthy foods in your diet.

Oatmeal - High in iron also prevent iron-deficiency anemia and increase breast milk supply.Oatmeal is high fiber food is easily digestible and very useful food for new mothers.

Eggs - Natural source of vitamin D which makes your bones strong and also for your baby growth.Eggs contain good source of high quality protein and amino acids.Eat one or two eggs daily.

Brown Rice - Include brown rice in your diet,brown rice contain good carbohydrates,fiber,nutrients which help to increase breast milk and quality.

Salmon Fish - High in protein and vitamin B 12 and high amount of a fat called DHA acid which is very helpful in the development of your new borns nervous system.

Milk - Fully loaded with vitamin B and D and good source of natural protein which is very good for both baby and mother.Include 2 glass of milk in your daily diet.
Important - If your baby is diagnosed with milk protein intolerance,do not drink milk.

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