Home Remedies For White Hair

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White hair become very common problem even in youngsters suffer from this problem.Many peoples start using diffrent kinds of hair colours,chemicals etc and loss lot of money and time on artificial products available in the market.Here we tell you some natural home remedies for make your hairs black naturally and without any side effects.

Curry leaves with coconut oil - You can use this remedy on a daily basis or twice in a week.Take 1/2 cup of curry leaves (Kadi Patta) with 1/8 cup of coconut oil in a pan and boil at light flame,wait till the mixture has cooled down to the room temprature.Now gently massage this mixture on your scalp from your fingure tips and wash your head after 20 to 30 minutes with normal water.

Use paste of curry leaves and buttermilk -Mix a table spoon of curry leaves paste to a cup of buttermilk mix well and apply this mixture on your scalp and massage gently.Wash it after 20 to 30 minutes.This is very effective remedy for premature white and greying hairs.This mixture also make your hair more soft and stronger.

Amla (Goosberry) - You can use amla for white hairs in many ways :-
  1. Cut amla in a small pieces and dry them in shade.Now boiled dried amla pieces with small quantity of coconut oil and wait until they become grey in colour.Now gently massage this mixture on your scalp and wash after 30 minutes with normal water.
  2. Second way of using amla,soak the dried amla pieces in water overnight and next morning use this water to rinse your hair.
Henna (Natural Hair Colour) - As all we know about henna,a natural hair colour use for colouring white hairs,so use this natural and safe remedy for white and grey hair.

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