Right Time To Give Supplements To Children

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Due to very fast and busy life and parents who are short on time prennially,especially when both husband and wife to busy in full time job and because of to busy schedule perfect home-cooked meals aren't possible.Thats why paediatricians may recommend a daily multivitamin and mineral supplements for childrens.But the big question is when should they be given?? According to medical advice or studies,childrens over the age of five years should be able to get all the minerals and vitamins for good growth.Even so there are times when a food supplement may be neccessary in some cases like if your child has a food sensitivity or is a very fussy eater so they are not getting all the important minerals and vitamins for good growth.Here we mention few guidelines when start food supplement to children.
  1. Always take your family doctor advice first,if your child is sensitive to certain foods or is diagnosed with a food tolerance.
  2. Always use supplements that especially developed for the childrens age group.
  3. Avoid supplements in tablets,chewable present a choking risk,so use only liquid supplement for your child.
  4. Dont exceed supplement doses,consult with doctor (Child Specialist) for right quantity before start.
  5. Supplements should never be given to babies under the age of six months especially for babies who are born prematurely,unless advised by a doctor.

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