Your child has asthma? Know it in few seconds

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Your child has asthma? dont know? Go to physican take some x-ray,tests,breathe through a mouthpiece of a device etc and it may take lot of time,patience and cost to confirm that your child has asthma problem but now save your time and money because one tiny strip do that job in a few seconds and confirm asthma.Yes great news a team of researchers at VIT university has develop the tiny strip that allows physican to confirm that your child suffer from asthma or not by breath test and get results within a seconds.When patient breath over the white strip would turn blue,currently this strip tested in laboratories and clinical trials before come in the market.
This strip is made by fibrous material that acts as an absorbent as it is coated with some chemicals needed for the breath test.This product is very useful for childrens age between 3 to 5 years because they are not comfortable to breathe into a device for diagnosis.

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