Exercises For Reduce Breast Size

Over size breast,most of the times it becomes embarrassing and you trying diffrent ways for reduce breast size like using diffrent kinds of pills or lotions,surgeries etc...but believe me if you want you can reduce your breast size without using pills or surgeries by doing some exercises.You can do these workouts at home or gym if you want.Here we show you some gym exercises for reduce breast size.

Push Ups
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Start from push ups very common and effective for reduce your breast size.If you are beginner take push ups on your knee.

Shoulder Shrugs
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Take light weight dumbells in your both hands and simply shrug your shoulders in straight position and touching your earlobes.Repeat this movement,take minimum 3 sets with 10 to 12 reps.

Anterior Front Raises
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Take your straight position and raise your arms till your hand reaches your shoulder height.Do this movement slowly slowly and take atleast 3 sets with maximum reps you can.

Climbing Stairs
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Climbing stairs not only reduce your breast size it is also good for stamina.Start climbing stairs for 15 to 20 minutes  every day in your gym or home and reduce your breast and body weight.

Wall Press Ups
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Stand in straight position facing the wall now placing your palms on wall and push your palms against wall.This is very easy and good exercise for reduce breast size.

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