All we know man has made great advancment in terms of material things,and goes receiving newer gadgets of entertainment.But from the physical viewpoint goes on losing health in comparison with the olden times.
how control constipation,home remedies for constipation

Sedentary lifestyle,late night life,worries,work pressure,bad habits,irregular intake of food,besides excessive consumption of difficult to digest foods like fried and spicy food,oily food,pungent,soft-drinks,maida etc,taking these types of foods very late at night cause weakening of digestive system.This result in enhancement of faeces in body and constipation.

Following aliments may be caused by Constipation
Acidity,heavy stomach,gas,headache,loss of appetite,irritaion in chest and stomach,lethargy,waist and joints pain,mouth ulcers,foul breath,burning sensation in hands and soles,dermatological problems etc are caused.

What to do for avoid Constipation

  • Consume more seasonal fresh fruits and salads.
  • Drink as much water as possible during the day,atleast 8 glass in a day.
  • Go for regular walk or workout.
  • Consume more food with high fibers.
  • Fix meal time at both the times.
  • Avoid worrisome temperament,always remain happy.
  • Consume less the heavy to digest and oily foods.
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