Diffrent Types Eggs You Should Be Eating For Good Health

Mostly peoples know about hens eggs but today we bring a basketful of egg varieties for you,try these eggs for good health and taste:)

Quail Eggs (बटेर के अंडे)
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Good source of high nutrition and fully loaded with vitamin B12 and vitaminD.Quail eggs have spotted shell and diffrent variety of coulurs and size of this egg almost one-fourth of hens eggs.

Rhea Eggs (रिया के अंडे )
rhea eggs,health benefits of rhea eggs,eggs for good health

Rhea is the flightless bird and her eggs ten times larger than hens eggs and have yellowish colour.Rhea eggs mostly available in march or june.

Duck Eggs(बतख के अंडे )
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Ducks eggs are slightly larger than hens egg with thicker shell.Duck eggs is the good source of calcium,iron,protein,potassium etc.

Bantam Eggs(बैंटम के अंडे )
bantam eggs,eat bantam eggs

Good source of iron,the eggs laid by this smaller breed of hens are available all through the year.

Gull Eggs(ठगना के अंडे )
health benefits of gull eggs

This seabird are rarely available and you can get them only in early spring.Gull eggs are usually dark brown in colour.

Guinea Eggs(गिनी के अंडे )
guinea eggs,health benefits of guinea eggs

Guinea eggs have a thick shell and rich in flavor and very rich source of diffrent nutrients.

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