Is Insulin Safe For Type 2 Diabetes?

What is insulin,is it safe to take?

Insulin is a type of hormone produced by the beta cell of the pancreas and used as a medicine to treat high blood sugar. Nowadays, as diabetes is a most common disease, this is probably created by our changing lifestyle, that made us physically less active and more dependable on machine. To control blood sugar level often, the diabetic patients asked to take Insulin as insulin’s role in diabetes is very important. Now often a question arises that,” Is insulin safe for Type 2 diabetes”? To find the answer we have to go through that what is Insulin and, what is the role of insulin in Diabetes 2?
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HOW INSULIN WORKS: Insulin is a hormone that acts as a key to open up the cells to let the glucose get inside the body cell and supply us the required energy. When we take any food, our blood sugar level rises. As a result pancreas release Insulin Hormone, this opens the cell to let the glucose quickly penetrate into our body cells. The cell then converts the glucose into energy through metabolic procedure and in this way we get the energy for our physiological works. Also, insulin helps our body to store the energy in our mussels to be used in future.

WHAT IS DIABETES: Diabetes is a prolonged and chronic condition of our body, in which the body cannot effectively use the energy produced by the food. This situation often referred by the doctors as Diabetes Mellitus, that indicates a group of metabolic diseases which create a high glucose level either by insufficient production of insulin or because of the inappropriate response of the body cell to insulin.

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Each type of diabetes has the same reason which is a common factor----inadequate supply of insulin to our body cells. Normally we get energy to work from the foods we eat. Our body breaks down the sugar and carbohydrate types of food into a special sugar which is known as Glucose. Our body cell gets energy from Glucose. But to get energy from glucose, our body needs a kind of hormone called Insulin, produced by the pancreas. Our body need insulin, to take in the glucose, to the cell, so that it could be converted and used, as the fuel for our complete physiological works. But in case, either the pancreas could not produce the require quantity of Insulin, or could not able to use it effectively, the glucose build in our blood vessels, causing diabetes Mellitus.
In type 2 Diabetes affected person, the pancreas either could not produce sufficient insulin, or the boy could not use if properly.This situation is called insulin resistant. In this case, the pancreas began to produce more and more insulin to meet up the Insulin level in diabetes affected person. People with insulin resistant often affected by type 2 Diabetes as their secretion of insulin is insufficient.

WAY TO CONTROL TYPE 2 DIABETES: Type 2 diabetes never be cured completely, only it can be controlled by taking oral medicine, by insulin therapy, dieting, controlling weight, regular exercise.type2  diabetes intends to grow. If neglected it can cause damage heart and kidney and eye function, and so it needs to be monitored time to time. So maintain the proper Insulin level in Diabetes is vital.

The condition in which Insulin therapy in Diabetes Used:

: For short-term treatment.

: For long term treatment.

Short term insulin treatment is applicable on those who have A1C level below 7 with diabetic symptoms.

In the long term treatment it is said that any person who has type 2 Diabetes for over 10----20 years needs a long-term insulin treatment. The pancreas lost all the cells that can make insulin in the body so that no oral medicine could be helpful in that situation.


: Insulin lowers the risk of Heart attack.
: Insulin reduces hypertension.
: Nowadays insulin is easily available in pen injection and patients can use directly without any help.
: It’s easy to carry.
Oral medicine can control type 2 Diabetes, but in some cases, it does not work. But insulin works always, so it is very effective to control blood sugar.


: Sudden fall in sugar level or Hypoglycaemia.
: Extreme sweating.
: Skin rashes.
: Muscle pain.

CONCLUSION: Insulin role in diabetes can be unique if used moderately and under proper medical supervision. Insulin in Diabetes 2 helps keep your blood glucose parameter within a healthy range. To maintain the blood sugar Range in control ensure a healthy life and anyone can easily avoid the complications arises due to high blood sugar, such as Glaucoma and the loss of body limbs. Beside Insulin therapy in diabetes, anyone has to change their lifestyle and food habit and include daily freehand exercise too. So from the above discussion we can give an affirmative answer to the question, “Is insulin safefor type 2 Diabetes”.

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