Health Benefits Of Sesame (तिल)

Health Benefits Of Sesame,तिल,safed til ke faede,benefits of eating sesame

Mostly all we know about sesame (तिल) mainly use during winter time.Do you know health benefits of sesame?Here we tell you how sesame good for your health.

  • According to some research and studies sesame contain magnesium and other properties which control sugar level and also control plasma glucose level in the body.
  • Sesame have some good properties which increase the level of good cholesterol and control bed cholesterol level in the body.
  • Good for diabetic patients because it contain magnesium which control blood sugar and blood pressure.
  • Sesame good source of calcium,zinc,phosphorus and amino acids which make your bones more healthy and strong especially for childrens.
  • Good for heart patients it improve your heart health.
  • Sesame contain some properties which reduce depression.
  • Good for skin because sesame is the good source of zinc which is very important mineral who produce collagen in the body,it makes your skin tight remove wrinkles.
  • Sesame have anti-cancer compound which reduce the risk of colorectal tumor.
  • Sesame is the good source of fiber which improve your digestive system health.
  • Use black sesame for more iron,it make your body more strong and full-fill the shortage of iron in the body.

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