How High Heels Affect Your Health

Getting dolled up for some occasion and getting your high heels out from the shoe rack once again? You would have started feeling the ache that you felt last time you wore them. Isn’t it? Yes, it’s a fact that people wear high heels to complete the look by giving an ideal overall posture to the body, lesser knowing the fact how high heels affect the health. No doubt getting the high heels on will give you one temporary dazzling look you are craving for but the long term effects of wearing high heels will outburst your mind once you ponder upon the medically proven facts. Every one woman out of five are reported to wear high heels on the daily basis and had affirmed to get some of the serious health issues.
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Apart from being quite uncomfortable, there are a lot of verities proving how can high heels damage your body. Generally, the knee problems are often encountered by the people wearing high heels. While they exert extra pressure on your knees, they also put more of your body’s weight on your toes. When both the process occurs at the same time the overall contour of the body gets misshapen. Normally it is been seen as one of the long-term effects of wearing high heels. Knees, hips and lower back all suffer simultaneously affecting your overall health.  Always remember the higher the heel, the greater will be the pressure on your back and legs.
You may often wonder how does year of high heels affects your body, then my dear friend it can cause one of the most problematic disorder known as sciatica. Yes, if you ever question can wearing high heels causes sciatica to any orthopedist or neurologist, you’ll get the answer in positive. Wearing them for a longer period of time will not only put strain over the sciatic nerve and spine but also leads to muscle spasm. So heel loving women should prepare themselves to get sciatica in the near future. The altered posture can reverse you back to some of the most painful aches and long term health issues. Back pain, leg sprain, aches on the calf muscles and knee soreness are the common problems that have to be dealt with which are serious negative effects of wearing high heels. 
These are few high heels horrors that should always be taken into consideration while opting to get them on your feet. And once you know how high heels affects your body, the most appropriate and favoring thing you can do to yourself and your feet is to get rid of them. Since the negative effects of them are quite high, keeping a safe distance from them can make you get going for a longer period of time. Celebrate who you are and enjoy the way you look. You are unique and you obviously don’t need a pair of uncomfortable and painful high heels to look better and to rock the world. You alone can do that. All the Best!
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