Ayurvedic Treatment Of Diabetes By Marsupium wood (विजयसार की लकड़ी)

Marsupium wood (विजयसार की लकड़ी) is considered not only Ayurveda but also the modern medical science accept medically this wood is very useful in diabetes, for this,filled marsupium wood glass with water in the night and drink this water in morning time on empty stomach. The elements that help in the release of insulin secretions in the blood.
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Vijasar Marsupium Wood, it is found in our India from Madhya Pradesh to entire South India. The color of its wood is dark red with red color.This drug is effective for diabetics patients.
Buy pieces of Vijasar wood from the market and clean it with dry cloth. If the pieces are large, then break them and make small pieces - 1/4 -1/2 centimeter or even smaller pieces. Then you take a pot and this small piece of wood will be about two cups of about twenty five grams Put it in a pot of water. In the morning the color of the water will be red deep.Drink this water on empty stomach and put the same wood in the same water. Boil this water in the evening and filter it, then drink it when it gets cold.
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Vijasar Wood Glass

It can also increase or decrease according to the disease. If you are using other diabetes medicines, then do not stop taking medicines give some time and check your sugar level properly. If you use insulin injections, reduce the amount of injection after 1 week.Reduce the amount of insulin 2-3 units every week. Elements found in wood of Viseesar help to increase the secretion of insulin in the blood.

Benefits Of Using Marsupium wood (विजयसार की लकड़ी)
  •  Helps control high blood pressure.
  •  In the acid-bile also gives benefits.
  •  Gives the benefit in joint pain     
  • Control Diabetes
  • Very Good in vibrations of hands and feet
  • Reducing the body fat absorbed, helping to reduce weight and obesity.
  • Cure diseases of the skin, such as scabies-itching, bar-2 blisters.
  • It is also accurate in gonorrhoea (metallurgical disease).
  • Regular consumption of the joints closes tightly. Bones are strong.

Important - Before start this remedy please consult with your doctor,this wood increase the secretion of insulin in the blood.
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