Basil (तुलसी) Health Benefits

Tulsi (Basil Leaves) also known as Holy Basil has a very powerful disinfectant power.This works especially in cold, cough,fever and also boost immune system.Many scientific researches confirm the properties present in Tulsi is good for general health. In India, medicinal properties of Tulsi are given great importance since ancient times. Let's learn about some such qualities that are beneficial for our health.
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  1. Basil is beneficial in bitter and acute flavored cough, cough, hiccup, vomiting, worm, odor, all types of pain, leprosy and eye disease. There is also a tradition of taking the Tulsi in the offerings of God, so that it comes inside the body in its natural form and if there is any internal problem in the body, then eliminate it. Tulsi works as the best medicine after any of the contaminated ingredients are collected in the body. The biggest advantage is that there is no reaction from eating it.
  2. Basil is about to remove the pain of hiccups, cough, poison and ribs. This eliminates the growth of bile and contaminated air.
  3. Basil is beneficial for heart, beneficial in skin diseases, enhancing digestive power and eradicating urinary related diseases. It also cures cough and vata related diseases.
  4. Tulsi is an effective drug in mosquito bites, such as malaria. Malaria can be quickly cured by drinking a decoction of basil with black pepper. The juice of basil leaves should be consumed in fever due to cold. It provides relief in fever. When the body is broken or when the fever is going to occur, mixing the juice of mint and basil with equal quantity and take it,for relief.
  5. By regular 6 months consuming decoction honey with boiled beans prepared by boiling the leaves of the basil in the kidney stones, the stone emits from the urine passage.
  6. By chewing 6-8 leaves of basil every 4-5 times a day, it relaxes the problem of migraine in a few days.
  7. Basil leaves nectar in heart disease. It regulates cholesterol in the blood. People suffering from heart disease should consume basil juice regularly.
  8. If the Basil leaves are rubbing on the skin, any infection on the skin gets relief.
  9. By mixing one teaspoon of honey in the juice of basil leaves daily in the evening, it provides benefits in diseases such as paralysis in 15 days.
  10. Many research have confirmed about the benefits of Tulsi in stress. Eating 10-12 leaves of Tulsi daily increases your ability to fight mental stress.

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