Dementia Treatment With Yoga Poses

Dementia is a disease in which a person's memory begins to weaken day by day. Patient of dementia does not remember anything. To memorize recent things, he has to put a lot of emphasis on the mind. This disease is considered serious when your memory is completely over. To avoid this disease, there should always be ways to improve your memory.
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Firstly We Start From What Is Dementia Disease?

In dementia, it becomes difficult for a person to remember anything. He starts forgetting the things that happened a while ago. Not only this, for people with dementia, it is also very difficult to understand and communicate things. After some time in this disease, he does not have his own their consciousness.

Causes Of Dementia?

There are two reasons for dementia disease: brain cells damage and weakening of brain cells with second age. This occurs when there is a serious injury to the head or a disease such as brain tumor, Alzheimer's etc., which can destroy the cells.

How Yoga Cure Dementia?

Do you know that yoga can be used to keep your memory well?Pranayam (YOGA) is the best medicine for your brain and keeping the body healthy,active.Here we share four yoga poses for dementia disease.

Meditation - Sitting in a dry or blanket at a level place, sit in the state of Suksana regularly and repeat every morning regularly and meditate for 10 minutes,it increase your focus and improve your memory.

Ustrasana - Tension prevails in ray cells that pass through the spine in ray through prolapse. This leads to increased blood circulation in them. This makes memory faster. If you do this seat for three minutes every day, then it benefits you a lot.

Trataka Asanakeep your eyes closed at any point without blinking from the stroke, the dormant centers of the brain begin to wake up, which increases memory. The direct connection of memory is with the mind and its concentration. Strength of intelligence and memory strength is hidden in the concentration of mind. Regular practice of Tract increases concentration.

Chakra Asana - Chakrasan works to increase blood flow in the brain cells. From this, the blood starts reaching in the brain cells, where it could not reach first. As the blood flows in the sedentary cells, the hormone emitting from the pituitary gland increases the efficiency of the brain. Its regular practice is beneficial in the eye, brain etc.

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