Dieting Without Proper Consultation

Dieting is also becoming a trend for getting a perfect look.Everyone has started starving after leaving the food for making zero size figure,From Housewives to Working Woman, all are engaged in giving zero size to their figure. For this, he is leaving food and drinking, while leaving food and drink without advice of any dietician is giving birth to big problems like becomes a dark circle under the eyes of the young women,all time weakness,sugar level in your body will typically drop,irritability and more,skin glow also goes away.
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According to experts that there is no need to have zero figure body but a healthy body is more important. He suggests that starving and dieting is a different thing, and it is a different matter to destroy the body according to the new definition of Perfect Figure. The trend of growing diet among women is often seen that after some time, many diseases take place in the body.
Some Side-Effects Of Dieting Without Consultation
  • Hair Loss
  • Muscles Loss
  • Menstrual Irregularities
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Costipation
  • Mood Changes
  • Slowed Metabolism
  • Changes in Gallstones & Digestion
Many people believe that by eating less they will lose weight,while eating less often, the weight starts to grow upside down. By eating less food, the body does not get the necessary nutrients.This reduces the metabolism of the body (metabolism). Doing so does not cause the burning of calories in the body and fat burns in small amounts and this makes body fat grow.
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Start Drinking Juices Many Times In A Day - People think that drinking juices during diet is good for health and for weightloss,experts refuse to talk about this According to them,there is no amount of fiber and other vitamins in the juice, it only contains water and sugar. In such a way, fruit consumption is considered as a better option.
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Take Balance Diet - The important part of the nutrients in food comes from carbohydrate. At the time of diet, avoid simple carb (sugar, flour, white bread) and take complex carbohydrate like oatmeal,whole grains bread(Brown Bread),corn,lentils,pumpkin,beans etc.Citrus fruit does not have acidity, whereas hunger is a problem for people with acidity. Citrus is acidic in nature, but due to its nature,it gives relief to the body from acidity.
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