Health Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water In Summer

Drinking lemonade is the highest in summer. Even a doctor or dietitian suggests drinking more lemonade especially in summer time.Do you know why, what is the reason behind drinking lemonade in summer?Benefits of  lemonade, proves very effective in removing problems that arise in the summer time, such as nausea, chest burning, and lack of water in the body,especially for people who work outside in high temperatures, they suffer a lot of sunstroke, nausea and dehydration. The lemonade treats all these troubles.
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  • Good for liver - Lemon water contains citric acid which helps the body's enzymes work properly and helps to remove unwanted substances (toxicin) from the liver,which make your liver more healthy and improve functionality.
  • Good for weight loss - Drinking lemonade in the morning causes weight loss, it is an old and very effective remedy for weight reduction. To make it even more effective, mix lemon juice and honey in warm water. Because honey changes the extra body fat in the form of energy and also helps to purify the blood. The fiber that is called pectin in the lemon helps it keep the stomach late for long and helps to increase the weight loss process.
  • Improve digestion - It contains flavnoid which helps keep the digestive system healthy. Therefore, lemonade is recommended for drinking stomach. It also helps in relief from acidity.
  • Reduce bad smell of mouth - Drinking lemonade every morning reduce the problems of bad breath because it helps in destroying bacteriaria.
  • Blood purifier - Lukewarm hot lemonade contains citric acid which helps in extracting acid from the blood by increasing the body's metabolic rate.
  • Beautiful glowing skin - Lemon is the good source of vitamin C and antioxidant that helps in removing skin scars. Vitamin C helps in the formation of proteins called collagen, which is very important for a healthy skin. By drinking lukewarm hot lemonade, the body's toxic substance is released which makes your skin glowing and taut.
  • Boost immune system - Citrus fruits like lemon are rich in Vitamin C, which helps fight colds. It works to keep the immune system right. In addition, potassium is also present in lemon, which acts to balance the brain and also controls blood pressure.
  • Reduce the chances of cancer - Lemon antioxidants remove many types of cancers. They are also good at neutralizing acid,Cancer increases more in place of acid.
  • Increase brain power - Because of high levels of potassium and magnesium have a positive effect on our brain and nervous health. Lemon water can give you the power you need to face depression and stress. It gives mental clarity and helps in concentrating attention. Therefore, these drinks are not less than nectar for the students.
Lemonade (nimbu pani) is one of the finest sources of antioxidant and vitamin C. There are also many types of minerals like potassium, magnesium and phosphorus. Daily lemon benefits, lemonade intake, increase your metabolism and help your digestive organs to remove toxins from the stomach. This is a very effective treatment for constipation and parasites, especially for children, because it is very light on their stomach.
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