How Does Obesity Affects Mental Health

Obesity is a health problem in itself, causing every third person in the world to be upset. According to a recent study by the British Health Department, once the weight is out of control it is very difficult to bring it back to the standard position. In the UK about 12 million people are dieting every year. With this help they are able to lose weight a lot, but within a year, their weight increases again.
How Obesity Affects Mental Health,obesity and mental health,how overweight affect mind

Some people take control over obesity with the help of dieting, workouts and using medicines, but their happiness does not last long. The problem of weight gain is not related to physical health, but its effect also our brain power. Studies in the University of California have claimed that due to increasing weight, people often become victims of dementia disease. In dementia, the human brain starts shrinking, due to which its mind alertness decreases.Researchers in the US researched this on 1200 people,which found that compared to healthy people, the brain of the overweight people contracts a portion called the hippocampus fast enough, which works to protect the memory.
Finally, a good news for people with obesity is that Australian scientists have prepared brown fats for the first time. This is a wonderful tissue, which produces heat from energy. This latest technology will help reduce obesity. Sydney, a team from the Garvan Institute of Medical Research, found that brown fat can be produced from tissues of adults. It is hoped that anyone can make Brown Fat outside his body and then transplant it. Under Dr. Paul Lee's leadership, scientists successfully developed brown fat from the tissues of six patients in the laboratory, which later proved to be effective in reducing their weight.
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