How Safe Are Lubricants For Your Partner

Sexual intercourse requires lubrication. Lubrication occurs naturally during sexual intercourse. Lubrication happens only through stimulation. Many times women do not have naturally occurring lubrication. There can be several reasons for this. For example, the woman is more skeptical about sex or she is not excited yet her male partner has not been able to provoke her. In such cases it is very important to use artificial lubricants. Such lubricants are of two types, first, waterSolidible lubricants and second oil lubricants. WaterSoulibal lubricants are usually preferred. Especially when the woman wants to be pregnant Their side effects are low.
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Even if you think about your sex life to be in pretty good conditionyou ought to take into account the benefits of introducing a private lubricating substance. Quickies will really be fastwhile love-making sleek, and you and your partner can avoid any post soreness that you just may need otherwise veteran from all the friction.
Water-based lubes have the superimposed advantage of being fully condom-compatible, as opposition oil-based lubes that corrode latex (more thereon later). One issue to observe out for, however, is that several  WaterSoulibal lubricants contain alcohol, which might promote infections in ladies pretty simply and makes fast post-sex clean-up necessary.
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