Natural Remedies For Increase Weight

As all we know very well there are several pharmaceutical makers who produce diffrent kinds of products for increase body weight.In the name of health enhancement, many unnatural items, such as tablets,capsules,tonic and powders, are being sold in the market, which makes the person fat rather, but in the same way as the balloon is filled with air, it is hollow from within.These are the best medicines that work well,While the fact is that being fat is not an easy task, and there is no magical lamp in these medicines that the person gain weight in a few weeks.Become fatty and increase weight is a different matter, and the other thing to be strong. However, here it is advised that do not fall into the reverse of these medicines, and regularly use the below mentioned treatment tips. Nobody can stop you from becoming strong and powerful.
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Natural Tips For Gain Body Weight

  • Raisins (छुहारा) - Eat raisins with milk,it increase your weight and make you strong.
  • Apple -  It helps in making the body strong and various organs. Due to the abundance of phosphorus and iron elements in the apple, it gives strength to the body and increase weight in healthy way.
  • Eat Pomegranate - Pomegranate makes blood growth, eating pomegranate regularly increase body weight.
  • Carrot Juice - Drinking regular carrot juice increases weight.
  • Almonds - By grinding almonds and mixing it with butter and sugar candy, it increase weight and power. But after that one must drink a glass of hot milk.
  • Kharbuja - By taking proper amount of kharbuja, there is increase in strength and body weight in natural way.
  • Sugarcane Juice - By drinking fresh juice of sugarcane, the lean body also gets filled in a few months.
  • Mango - Consumption of mango makes the body strong. By eating mango with milk, it starts weight gain.

Important - If you use any product for weight gain,muscles gain etc,always use branded,certified products under proper guidance of professional coach or physician.
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