ShirshAsana Health Benefits

One of the many asanas of yoga is also a Shirsh Asana. This pose is done by the force of the head, so that is why it is called as Shirasana. In this pose person maintain balance of the whole body on the head or hands.It is such an asana which is quite difficult to do. But through its practice, we are always away from major diseases.By doing this, the digestive system remains smooth,By doing this the circulation of blood becomes better,By regular practice of this yoga pose, the body gets strength.If you do regular headings, then you get many benefits. It is also beneficial for victims of depression.If you do regular head-stand pose, then you get many benefits.
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Benefits Of ShirshAsana (Head-Stand Pose)

  • By doing this the head turns bent downward, causing the face to glow and it starts to glow and the redness comes on the face.
  • This asana increase physical strength and the whole body muscles become active.
  • Regular practicing of this asana activates the organs such as stomach,liver, kidney etc,and also improve digestive system.
  • By doing this pose, head-white hair starts getting dark automatically. Because doing this leads to nourishment and blood flow to the head.
  • Who practice it regularly increases their memory. Because when we practice it, it increases the blood circulation of the brain.
Precaution During Practicing Shirsh Asana
  • Those people who have neck pain or other problems like injury,spondylitis etc should not practice this asana.
  • If there is any disease of the eyes, do not do this asana.
  • Those people who have blood pressure, should not do this posture.
  • Maintain proper balance,take care of your neck.
  • Dont do this pose during mensturation and pregnancy.
  • Stop this pose immediately if you experience dizziness,headache etc.
  • Avoid this pose after intense workout because body releases toxins that may reach to the brain.
Timing for practicing this asana varies from person to person.If you are new then 30 seconds is enough,please do this pose under proper guidance.
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