Side Effects Of Drinking Tea On Empty Stomach

Many people are addicted to drinking tea on empty stomach in the morning time. People start their day by drinking tea.While drinking empty stomach tea can cause acidity, because the tannins present in it increase the stomach acid. Drink empty stomach tea and also promote many health problems.In this case, if you drink tea on empty stomach, then the amount of acids will increase, which can lead to acidity and other health problems. So something must be eaten before drinking tea in the morning time.Here we list some health problems beacause of empty stomach tea:
Side Effects Of Drinking Tea On Empty Stomach,how drinking tea is bad for health

  1. Irritability - Empty stomach tea drinkers can often see the problem of fatigue and irritability. Therefore, think once before drinking empty stomach tea.
  2. Prostate Cancer - Drinking tea on empty stomach can lead to prostate disease. This is said by many scientists in many research.
  3. Gas Problems - Drinking tea on empty stomach causes problems of gas and drinking empty stomach black tea can cause stomach problems.
  4. Bad Effects On Body - Absorption of protein and other nutrients in the body can not be done properly by drinking tea on empty stomach which affect our body badly.
  5. Vomiting - Tannin is found in tea. Due to drinking tea on empty stomach,sometimes due to tannin there is a problem of vomiting.
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