Slipped Disk Causes And Treatment

Spine-related problems is spreading rapidly in people due to the tragic life-style of the metropolis, miserable lifestyle, lack of physical movement, sitting and sleeping patterns, driving on crowded roads etc. These days, a large number of young people also suffer from spinal disorders. The problem of slip disks is prominent in these disorders. Due to backbone malfunction, there is unbearable pain in the back or waist or the condition of the patient may become disorderly when the condition worsens.
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Reasons Behind Slip Disk Problem - With the problem of slipped disks,mostly person may suffer at some point of time in his lifetime, but for the first time, only one out of 10 people who have a sliped discharge need surgery and nine people recover from bedrays and medicines.
Sometimes we call slipdisk because of the overloading weight of our capacity. It has a bad effect on our waist, neck and hips. Sunburn or paralysis in the body can also be caused by the side effects of this problem. Apart from this, taking a weight in the gym incorrectly or not exercising other exercises in proper way can also cause problem of slip discs or this problem can also be caused by excessive turning the body or bending the wrong way.

Symptoms Of Slip Disk

  • During lying on bed too many times, there is pain unbearable from the waist to the feet.
  • Waist pain is a major symptom in the problem of slip disk. This pain goes from waist to feet.
  • As well as pain, the feeling of numbness in the feet or feet feels heavy.
  • A strange type of stretch and tingling in the veins is another symptom of slipdisk.This tingling produces pain in the whole vein.
  • Swelling on the affected part of the disc.
If you are suffering from these symptoms,dont wait consult with good doctor.Many times exercise and medicines also enough to provide relief. If the patient is suffering from severe pain, then it is advisable to rest for two to three days. Such a condition arises when the inner part of the disc starts bending outwards. The symptoms of the slipped disc and the damage in it depends on how much the disc is inclined.It takes four to six weeks to get rid of this problem or depends on patient condition.

Treatment Of Slip Disk - Surgery has to be done several times for the treatment of slipped disks. Many times exercise or medicines are not effective,in this case it is necessary to do surgery. The goal of this surgery is to correct the parts connected to the disc that begin to flow outwards. This process is known as disketectomy, but surgery is also the best option - endoscopic disketectomy.

Precautions For Slip Disk
  • Do not overload your capacity.
  • Overweight body can put extra strain and pressure on your back so maintain your body weight.
  • Do not bend your back while working on the computer,sit and keep the spinal cord straight.
  • Do not sleep on a soft or tickle bed, but sleep on a flat bed.
  • Go to gym or walk and do some exercises like stretch,PT it maintain your weight and reduce the chances of slip disk.Remember one thing avoid exercises during back pain,firstly consult with your doctor.
  • Avoid heavy weight lifting especially with bad lifting techniques.
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