Yoga Poses For Healthy Digestive System

Problems related to the digestive tract are causing people to drink less water or not paying attention to healthy diet.Mostly people are getting problems like gas, constipation, acidity etc. Regular exercise of yoga poses keep the digestion function correct and healthy.So here we show you 3 yoga asana for make your digestive system more healthy and strong.

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Sit down with a mat Turn both knees down and sit down under the claws. Keep in mind that the thumbs of both feet are getting together and there should be some distance between the ankles. Put a full load of body on your feet. Keep the waist downright while exercising.Now ten minutes are sitting in this condition and take long breath. During Vajrasana, the most pressure is on the middle part of the body. During this, there is a slight pressure on the stomach and intestines, so that the problem of constipation is removed and digestion is well.

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Sit straight on a mat and then come in the position of Kapalbhati. Take both the knees and fill the breath while keeping the left foot on the right foot towards,then compress the stomach into the inner side and leave the breath aside. Do this action continuously.Kepalbhati has to try only to quit breathing once in every second. Normally inhale inhalation after leaving the breath without effort.Take some rest if you feel tired.Kadalbhati Pranayam is helpful in reducing body fat and weight. Kapalbhati Pranayam increases the digestive power of the human body. It is also beneficial to remove intestinal weakness. It provides relief from all types of diseases of the stomach like gas, constipation and blood disorders are far away.

Agnisar Asana
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This pose can be done by sitting or standing position. First of all stand straight. Make equal distances between the two legs. Bending a little further, keep both hands on your thighs and fill the breath. Fill the breath together and then leave it out faster. Then, preventing the breath, pull the stomach muscles inwards and then push them outwards. Keep this action continuously. Repeat this process as much as repeating the breath, repeating.Start this action 5 times in the beginning and then increase it according to the ability. When you feel exhausted, stop this activity and breathe.This pose will reduce stomach fat and remove stomach disorders and improve digestive system.

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