How Technology Make Your Kids Irritative,Aggressive

Technology become more strong day-to-day and made our life easier more luxurious, but at the same time they also leave behind their side effects. Here we will talk about childrens (Teenagers), how technology has put a wrong effect on our children and makes them very irritable, more angry. As we have seen nowadays, most children spend their lot of  time on smart phones, tablets, games and children's physical activity is completely nil which also promote many other problems like less height,low stamina,lack of self-confidence etc.
Technology Make Your Kids Irritative,Aggressive,sideeffects of smart phones,how divert kids mind from games

According to a recent study, if your children spend more time on smart phones, games, computers, tablets, their behavior may be more irritable and aggressive.According to this research, teenagers from 13 to 17 years are battling this problem. This is happening because children spend their many hours on social media, computers, phones, tablets, games, and because of this, their interest in the real world diminishes and they lose their self-control.
We do not say that technology should not be used but only within a safe range. In this research, researchers took 150 children who used smart phones, tablets, and research for 18 months, and in results there were many brain-related diseases found in these children. Childrens who were using more than 2 hours of electronics devices,phones,playing games on screens were seen to have more agression and irritability.

How Divert Kids Mind From Virtual World

  • Dont allow computers games,smart-phones use more than 1 hour,motivate your kids to playing in the ground,more physical activity.
  • Spend more time with your kids,start some discussion about school hours,his friends etc.
  • Outing in weekends,picnic type with your kids.Play some games,puzzles.
  • Always motivate your kids for become strong,powerful.
  • Pampering nature is not bad but over pampering is not good.

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