Mouth Ulcer

Mouth ulcers,very common disease that can arise due to various reasons. In this condition, there are small, weaker, red or white faces that are swollen on the edges. By the way, they are easily cured, but Ayurvedic medicines are sometimes used in some serious condition that are difficult to cure. These can be different types of:

  • Painful or painless
  • Large ulcers that make the wound deeper until they are deep and leave a mark when they recover.
  • Minor ulcers are 2 to 8 mm in size and usually cure in 10 to 15 days.
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Reasons Of Mouth Ulcer
  • Because of Vitamin B-complexes and Vitamin C deficiency.
  • Constipation,In this condition, the removal of constipation also helps to remove the ulcers.
  • Due to the lack of calcium.
  • Consuming excessive spicy food.
  • Due to drinking less water.
  • By increasing the bile.
  • Sometime after quit smoking ulcer may develop for shot time.
Some Natural Remedies For Treat Mouth Ulcer:
  • Eat raw tomatoes 2-3 times a day or drink their juice.
  • Mix turmeric and glycerin and apply this paste on effective area,this is a very effective remedy for cure mouth ulcer.
  • Grind sweet candy in a little curd and apply on effective area.
  • Grind the plum and apply.
  • By chewing soft palms of mangoes or guava and keeping their juice in place of effective area of mouth provide relief and reduce pain.
  • Mixing triphala powder in honey and applying it on the ulcer effective area gives relief.
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