Simple Remedies For Treat Piles

Many people suffer from hemorrhoids problem in nowdays. The main reason for hemorrhoids is regular eating of unhealthy food,bad habits and constipation.If you have too much pain while leaving the stool, bleeding or itching, then you are suffer from piles.In the hemorrhoids, the veins surrounding the anus are swollen. It is of two types:

  • Internal piles - Inflammation can not be touched in it, but it can be felt.
  • External hemorrhoids - Inflammation in this can be felt from outside.
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So here we share some simple tips and remedies for cure piles problem.
  1. Drink atleast 8 glass of water in a day.
  2. Eat food which contain high amount of fibers,make them an essential part of your daily diet.
  3. Soaked 100 grams raisins in the water for a night,in the morning smash raisins and eat with same water for relief.
  4. Mix one of ½ spoon of cinnamon with a spoon of honey and consume.
  5. Avoid foods and dishes with high spice,sour.chilli unless your piles completely end.
  6. Eat more fruits,vegetables.
  7. Eat bananas every morning.
  8. Avoid drinks like alcohol,coffee,tea etc.
  9. Blossom the dates in the night. And eat the bloated dates in the morning.It plays an important role in keeping the stomach fine.
  10. Take about two liters of butter milk (Mattha) and mix 50 grams of cumin seeds with some salt in it. Whenever thirst comes, drink this butter instead of water.
  11. Put half a teaspoon cumin powder in a glass of water and drink it.
  12. Using eczema husk provides relief from irregular and stiff feces.
  13. Large cardamom is also a great way to treat piles. To consume it, burn approximately 50 grams of cardamom on the pan and roast it. Grind this cardamom after cooling.Every morning consume this powder on empty stomach with water.
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