Diseases Associated With Liver

Liver is a very important part of our body.Do you know that Liver is the largest gland in the human body. Liver is located on the right side of our upper abdomen.It is red and brown in colour and looks like rubber on touch.Liver plays an important role in digestion of food.Its most important work is to produce bile.Bile is a fluid that is essential for the absorption of fat and vitamins stored in the gallbladder.Which helps in the storage and filtering of blood.Liver stores carbohydrates as glycogen and whenever it is needed,it immediately releases it as glucose.Liver disables the harmful substances taken by us and inhibits the liver and produces proteins that protect us from infection and bleeding.So,you must have understood that care is necessary for the liver,let's know some diseases associated with liver, which you need to know about.
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Liver cancer - This disease born with abnormal growth of cells or liver cancer cells.The human body produces new cells according to its requirement when a group of some cells that grow uncontrollably. Their edge is not controlled. This condition is called Liver Cancer. These cells are of two types in which the first is called benign tumor and the second is called malignant tumor. When the melignant tumor starts to grow unlimited and affects the human body, as well as destroys the common tissues near you, we know this infection as Liver Cancer.

Fatty liver -  By excessive accumulation of fat in the liver, is called fatty liver. It is also a dangerous liver infection like Liver Cirrhosis.Fatty liver problems can be caused by taking fatty foods, taking unhealthy exercise, stress, obesity,too much consumption of alcohol or taking long-term medicines due to any disease.

Liver faliure - If the problem of any illness related to the liver is run long or it is not properly cured then obstruction occurs in it and this organ stops working, which is called liver failure. This problem is of two ways. The first acute liver failure, in which liver cells are destroyed due to the sudden infection of viral, bacterial or any other disease like malaria, typhoid, hepatitis- A, B, C, D and E. Second, chronic liver failure is caused by long-term illness associated with liver.

Autoimmune disorder - This disease damages the body's nervous system, cells and tissues. During this disease the liver also has an effect and the efficiency of the liver decreases.This disease mostly found in womens.

Jaundice - The colour of patient skin becomes yellow,This is why the fever is called jaundice.In Jaundice, patients often have high fever and the body becomes yellow. The factor of this disease is a microscopic flavivirus, which is conveyed by Aedes Aegypti species of mosquitoes.Mostly due to the illness of liver, the patient has jaundice.

Liver cirrhosis - Liver Cirrhosis is a slow-growing liver disease. In which the liver does not stay in its actual shape, it shrinks and becomes rigid by losing flexibility. The cells of Liver in this disease are destroyed on a large scale and fibers are formed at their place. Which damages the healthy liver's tissues, and it creates problems in the liver's functioning. These scar tissue stop blood flow and slow down nutrition and hormonal processes. Along with this, it also slow down or affect the process of hormone secreted by the liver, along with the protein.

What to eat and do for healthy liver:
  • Eat more and more fresh vegetables and fruits.
  • Drink 8 to 9 glass of water in a day.
  • Avoid oily and fry food,snacks.
  • Stop eating fast-foods like burgers,patties etc.
  • Drink more home made fresh juices.
  • Start any physical activity like running,cycling,gym etc.
  • Stop smoking,alcohol,chewing tobacco.

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