Health Benefits Of Bitter Gourd (Karela)

Bitter gourd is also as beneficial as it is bitter. Bitter gourd can save you from many diseases. It has many medicinal properties such as vitamins and antioxidants. Although the taste of karela(bitter gourd) can not be good but there are many types of health properties. You can usually get two types of bitter gourd, one is light green and long. The decoction of bitter gourd leaves kills the bacteria of malaria completely and protects you from any disease before you are attacked.It weakens the virus causing the deadly diseases such as measles, chicken pox, herpes etc. This slows down the bacterial edge and when it becomes weak, it eliminates them. Children may not like it because it tastes bitter, but it helps in fighting their dangerous diseases.
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Bitter gourd seeds also help keep you safe from heart problems. It burns unwanted fat and helps prevent your arteries and other nerves from closing.

Health benefits of bitter gourd:

  • In Diabetes - Bitter gourd juice is very effective in diabetes, with the intake of half cup juice, the amount of insulin in the body increases.The properties found in this regulates the level of sugars.
  • Mouth Ulcer - Bitter gourd is also very beneficial for mouth ulcers. For this, take juice of kerale peel and mix a little bit of clay in it and make paste and apply on the mouth bark.
  • HeadAche - If you have pain in your head, then grind fresh leaves of bitter gourd and apply it on the forehead for relief.
  • Reduce Bad Cholesterol - Karela is very beneficial for the heart in many ways. This artery reduces the bad cholesterol accumulated on the wall, thereby reducing the risk of hart attack. It also reduces blood sugar levels, which keeps the heart healthy.
  • Improve Vision Power - Bitter gourd enhances your eyesight by consuming regular bitter gourd juice, you can remove various visual defects, in addition it contains vitamin C and anti-oxidants which prevents eye vulnerability from oxidative stress.
  • Strong Liver - Regularly drinking a glass of bitter gourd, the liver becomes strong, it removes toxic substances from the liver and provides nutrition, which makes the liver do the right thing and the diseases of the liver stay away.
  • Weight Loss - By mixing bitter gourd juice and a lemon juice and consuming it in the morning reduces toxic and unnecessary fat in the body and causes obesity.
  • Reduce Constipation - Properties of fiber are found in bitter gourd, which strengthens the digestive system. It also removes indigestion and constipation complaints. Patients of constipation should eat it regularly and eat its juice, get rid of constipation.
  • Reduce Acidity - Mix half a cup of gourd bitter juice in a quarter cup of water and mix it with a spoonful of amla powder and drink it three times a day for control acidity.
  • Natural Blood Purifier - Mix 60 grams of bitter gourd with a little water and take it for a few days for clean blood naturally.
Important - Pregnancy and breastfeeding women should not eat bitter gourd.Start taking bitter gourd juice in small quantities and then gradually increase its volume. So that your body can increase its power to digest it. Do not feel good so close immediately.

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