Which One Is Better Fresh Vegetables Fruits Or Frozen

However, it is not a matter of saying, everyone will be know very well that eating fresh vegetable fruits are the best for health, instead of using frozen vegetables or fruits. But today's lifestyle is so busy that people do not even have time to cut vegetables and neither go to the vegetable market and bring fresh vegetables and fruits.These are also a big reason that frozen products industry have become a huge market today, people have no time and frozen vegetables and fruits are the best option for them. Today in the market you will get all kinds of frozen vegetables, fruits, even those season is not running, such as beans, peas, carrot capsicum etc.
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Dietitian says that nutrients are quickly destroyed in frozen vegetables compared to fresh fruits and vegetables, whereas vegetables taken from local vegetable gardens or local shops are more nutritious and healthy, because it is fresh. In frozen products, it is very important that the vegetables are being kept at a temperature so that the nutrients inside it are safe. In fresh fruit vegetables, the quantities of fibers, proteins, minerals are more playable than frozen.We do not say that frozen products should not be used, we are telling you to use fresh fruit vegetables in your daily life routine, use frozen products in very compulsory condition, and always buy from the good frozen shop, where frozen vegetables and fruit is served being stored with proper care.

Some best frozen vegetables:

  • broccoli
  • carrots
  • leafy greens
Remember one thing Sustenances that are best solidified are those with high measures of fat-solvent supplements, similar to vitamin A, cartenoids, and vitamin E. That is on account of these vitamins aren't lost that effortlessly when the veggies are solidified and put away.Maintain a safe distance from vegetables with a high water content like lettuce as these truly don't solidify well.

How use frozen vegetables:
  • Dont boil steam them,use very little water as possible because many vitamins are water soluble and by adding water you lost them.
  • Never thaw frozen vegetables or other product before using them because longer they are solidified (frozen), the more nutritious they will remain.
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