Eat Tomato Be Beautiful

Eat tomato become beautiful,really you know that tomatoes are very beneficial for our skin, it contains mosaic properties such as vitamin A,C,K,lycopene which protect our skin from ultraviolet rays and also enhance our skin beauty.Tomatoes contain considerable amounts of lycopene, which have very good impact on the skin. Make sure to add tomato and its products to your daily diet. They transmit oxygen to your skin, causing wrinkles to stop and the aging process stops.
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Tomato is a type of citrus fruit, used for skin problems, these open hair follicles stop and also used for skin cleansing.Some good face packs can be made with the help of tomatoes and tomatoes can be used in many beauty products. If you have sun burns, you can treat it with naturally by using a tomatoes on the skin.

Treat acne with tomatoes - Get rid of the acne, take a piece of tomato and put it on the face in the direction of rounding for 10 to 15 minutes, then wash the face after 15 minutes. Tomatoes contain Vitamin C,A which will help you prevent acne.

For oily skin - The antioxidant present in the tomatoes throws the oil out of the pores and gives you soft and oil-free skin.Tomatoes play a very effective role in keeping the skin healthy and shiny. Many masks, scrubs and packs can be made with tomato juice or pulp.

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