Sleep Paralysis

This is a situation in which the victim is in senses but he can not shake his body, sometimes this situation becomes very confused and scary. The patient does not understand anything, but he wants to move,talk but he is unable to do this.Some people have sleep paralysis (Neend Ka Lakwa) one or two times in life, while some others have it some time or more regularly in the month. Sleep paralysis is associated with some disorders such as narcolepsy, angiogenic disorders and obstructive sleep apnea (temporary difficulty in breathing).
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According to medical science, it is a stage between the awake and the sleeping stage, in which, from some stripes to a few minutes, the person also loses the ability to move and to speak. In its symptoms, the sound of passing things fast in the ears, even feeling with someone, feeling himself alone, problems in breathing,pressure on chest and the sound of whispering in the ears are etc. This problem is usually cured by normal remedies. But in some serious cases may require medicines with proper treatment.

Symptoms of sleep paralysis:

  • Fear during sleep
  • Confusion
  • Be stranded
  • Feeling pressure on chest and difficulty in breathing
  • Temporal inability to move 
  • Hallucination in sleep
How to cure sleep paralysis:

  • Change your sleeping habits,take proper sound sleep of 7 to 8 hours
  • Change your lifestyle,meet some good friends and peoples around you
  • Do not think too negative
  • Try some new sleeping positions
  • Do some yoga poses or any other physical activity
And after all these, if you continue to get the symptoms of sleep paralysis, talk to a good doctor as soon as possible.

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