About Herpes Disease

Herpes is a kind of infection,this disease also known as HSV.This disease causes skin lesions,in which our small skin full of water comes out and spreads.Tell you Herpes not only damage our skin as well as our central nerve also gets damaged.Many research has revealed that after 40 it is more susceptible,it causes severe pain. This disease is caused by Viricella zoster virus. In herpes, there is also a fever on the body as well as leaving the rash on the body. It is believed that when our body's immune system weakens, then this virus reaches our skin from the nervous pathway.
 Herpes Disease,About Herpes infection,Herpes treatment

The skin in which the rash goes out on the body becomes very sensitive and it hurts when it touches. A few days after the pain and the red-red blisters begin to come out on the skin. Gradually, these blisters fill with water.Patient feel joint pain, headache, fatigue etc.In herpes pain in the pimples is a major symptom of this disease. In many patients this pain is very high and feel very uncomfortable. Most of these rashes come out on the upper part of our body. They come out from the back and chest on one side only.

Types of HSV

HSV1 - In this patient feel cold sores,fever,weakness and blisters with water around the mouth,face,chest,back etc.
HSV2 - Genital herps because of sexually transmitted disease(STD).Doing any sexual activity with people who has HSV2.

Main symptoms of herpes:

  • Itching and small sores
  • Fever
  • Feel weakness in the body
  • Body aches
  • Lack of appetite
  • Feel pain during urination (In genital herps)
How to treat herpes
An antivirus medicines for treatment of this disease are given to the patient, in order to destroy the virus present in his body.This medicine is mainly used for the treatment of herpes zoster.In addition, pharmaceuticals and valacycyclovir medicines can also be given to the patient.It takes two to three weeks to recover from this disease.

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