Why is my penis stinking

Stinking penis

Many people have this problem that their penis gives a weird smelly smell and especially when the boy pullback penis's foreskin and the glans of the penis come out. There may be many causes behind this problems  such as infections, being very sweat that produces bacteria,to much production of smegma, STIs (Sexually transmitted infections) cause smelly penis, sore and in some cases this cause yellow and green discharge from your penis and somtime feel pain, inflammation during urinating time.
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How to cure stinking penis:

  • Change your undergarment daily - It is very important that you change your undergarments everyday. These are also a very big reason for penis sting or infection.

  • Wash your penis glans during shower - Wash your private parts while bathing. This reduces the chances of having an infection and reduce the bad smell of penis.

  • Clean your glans with cotton - Many times, the material of strange white color is accumulated on the penis glans, which we call smegma, even if the penis sting is too much to accumulate take a piece of cotton and clean the penis glans with a light hand,Clean the frozen white material from glans.
  • Avoid unprotected sex - Always avoid unprotected sex.Take proper care of cleanliness before making a relation.
So these are some of the things you can do and after the end if the problem persists then get a good doctor.
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