Eczema Symptoms Causes And Treatment

Eczema is a condition in which the patient has a lot of problem of itching,in which the skin of the patient is swollen and sometime little blisters may appear on the skin which is very itchy. Many people are upset with this disease.The likelihood of this disease in children increases if parents have already suffer from this disease in past.It is believed that there is no concrete pledge to be present in eczema, it is believed that this problem can be due to the environment in which you are living or hereditary problem.
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In some serious cases of eczema,secretion of the pus and blood in the areas of skin is also present. This disease is also known as Dermatitis. In this disease the skin becomes dry and it seems to itching repeatedly because the skin lacks moisture on the upper surface, resulting in no protection for the skin and it is easy to attack for bacterias.Patients with eczema disease may also become victims of other disorders.It can affect the men or women of any age.

Symptoms of eczema:

  • Rashes appear on knees,elbows,neck etc.
  • Mostly rashes appear on face,around the eyes and neck.
  • Feeling itching on rashes.
  • Sometime light browm blisters with pus may appear on the skin.
  • Itchy dry skin mostly on legs,neck,face etc.
  • Numerous painfull blisters appear on effected areas of eczema.
  • Skin become very dry.
Causes of eczema:
  • Allergy from dust,pets etc.
  • Extremly dry skin can also lead eczema.
  • Chemicals like dish soap,detergent,shampoo,fragrances etc.
  • Hereditary problem.
  • Harmonal disturbance can also lead eczema.
Treatment of eczema:
Things to avoid:
  • Do not eat bitter,peppery things like pickle,spicy foods.
  • Do not wear tight clothes.
  • Do not touch the detergent (washing powder), but use cotton gloves if there is a compulsion to touch it too.
  • Avoid direct sun light on effected areas of eczema.
Foods to eat in eczema:
  • Turmeric also provides benefits in eczema.It can be applied to the eczema rashes and mixed with milk can also be consumed.
  • Drinking a mixture of carrot and spinach juice also benefits the recovery of eczema.
  • Drink plenty of water.
Natural remedies for eczema:
  • Applying a spoonful of Chandna with a spoonful of camphor on effected area of eczema.
  •  Use of olive oil on the skin proves to be a great way to relieve eczema disease.
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