Is Depression Or Anxiety Effects On Mens Sex Life

Today's atmosphere of lot of tensions,pressures,stress is the question of every other man,do depression or anxiety influence the sex life of a man? So the answer is yes depression and anxiety are leave quite negative impact on the sex life of a man.If any person is suffering from too much depression or anxiety, its effect on its own health. When a person suffers from this problem, its effect falls on its entire routine such as drinking or eating habits,getting late sleep, doing no physical activity etc. And when all these things will be affected,negative effects on sex life are to come for example:

Is Depression Or Anxiety Effects On Mens Sex Life,how depression effect on sex life,is depression responsible for erectile dysfunction

  • Premature ejaculation - Premature ejaculation or emission of semen is quite experienced in a lifetime.Premature ejaculation is a problem that affects married life. Because of this, men's self-confidence decreases, while embarrassment and guilt also .
  • Lower sex drive - Because of excess pressure on mind and feeling depress negatively effect on your sex drive.
  • Erection problem - Too much stress, irritability affects our blood flow very much, so when we make the relation, our penis does not have the blood flow right and the problem of erectile dysfunction increases.
  • Less desire of sex - Depression or anxiety also ends the desire of sex. The mind remains silent all the time, hunger thirst is over, the effect of which falls on our sex life.
If someone is suffering from depression or anxiety for a long time then all these problems are bound to happen. When we are not healthy with our mind, how can we stay healthy with our body?

How to improve sex life and reduce anxiety or depression:
  • First of all get a good doctor if you are suffering from regular depression, anxiety.
  • Think good,read good,eat good and enjoy happy healthy life.
  • Early to bed early to rise.
  • Keep yourself busy, avoid being alone. Spend a good time with friends, family members.
  • Take proper care of your diet.Add as many green vegetables, protein foods, minerals, vitamins to your diet.
  • Start any physical activity such as gym, yoga, walking, outdoor games etc.It improve your blood circulation in the body and improve your brain functioning.

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