Why Am I Feel Pain In My Ribs

Many times, many people complain of having pain in the ribs, in this condition patients feel very uncomfortable and there is pain in the ribs especially when they take a breath. In many people, these pain stays for a few days and many times this pain persists for a long time. There can be many reasons behind pain in Ribs' but if you are feeling this pain from a long period of time then go to the doctor and do not delay.Many times the problems are minor, but sometimes in some cases the patient needs proper treatment. Ribs are a very important part of our body, its work is to protect the inside organs of our body such as our heart, lungs etc.So, as we said, there can be a lot of reasons for ribs pain so here we tell you.
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Gallstones - In this disease the inflammation comes in the gallbladder of the patient.Our gallbladder is located directly at the bottom of the liver at the stomach. At this stage the patient is complaining of pain in the right side ribs.

Injury - For some reason you have been hurt in your ribs in the past like when playing or an accident. So if you are feeling this pain from a long time, then meet the doctor.In some cases patient need immediate treatment.

Costochondritis (Chest Wall Pain) - At this stage, there is pain due to swelling in the ribs muscles. It is also known as chest wall pain in medical language. In this condition the patient suffers a lot of pain and in some cases it causes fever,weakness,sore throat,feeling uncomfortable during breath.

Liver Cancer - Do not panic,but if you are feeling pain in the ribs from a long time,then check it. In some cases liver cancer can also be caused for ribs pain and as long as it can be dangerous, then go to the doctor.

Nephrolithiasis (Kidney Stone) - Sometimes in some cases kidney stones also cause the pain of ribs pain.In this condition there is also pain in the lower back and abdomen of the patient.

Too much problem of gas - Too much gas also creates pain in the ribs and patient also feels uncomfortable.

Ulcer - The abdominal ulcer also produces downside side pain in the ribs.In this disease sore found in the abdominal lining or in the small intestine.

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